Best Friend Date Ideas For Fall

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a midshot of two female friends laughing and smiling outdoors in the city

From baking with your bestie to self-care time at The Lash Lounge, see our round-up of fun ideas for you AND your friend this fall! Because who doesn’t 💜 girls’ night out?! 

Friend Shopping Day (For New Fall Fashions)

Hitting up some local boutiques, consignment shops and even vintage thrift stores guarantees scoring some fashion gems for fall! 💎 What makes this kind of shopping even more fun: doing it with your bestie! While looking for yourself, look for styles that suit each other THEN have a dressing room fashion show!  

a muffin sitting on a plate with other things such as little pumpkins and a mug

TIP: When thrift store shopping for the season, search for style staples like blazers, jackets, oversized flannels, snuggly sweaters—the options are endless! Your finds will be one of a kind AND the two of you could consider borrowing each other’s finds to further enhance your fall wardrobes and ace that fall photoshoot you’ve planned for the gram! 📸 

Bake with Your Bestie  

The fall season offers some of the yummiest fruits—apples 🍎, pears 🍐 and pumpkins. Why not have fun with it?!? 🎃

Celebrate seasonal favs by going to a local farmer’s market or apple orchard to hand pick some goodies with your pal! Then, make some seasonal treats! Whether you decide on a classic apple pie or a decadent pumpkin roll, you and your bestie will have a blast baking the day away. Devour the homemade goodness and throw your favorite chick flick in the mix, cause’ nothing says best friend date like good eats and entertainment!  

Go For Game Day! (Tailgating Included!)

It’s pretty much an unwritten rule that the start of football season means it’s officially fall. 🏈 Returning to your alma mater with your besties creates an epic friend date! If it’s an early game, start the day out by tailgating and catching up with memories. When it’s time to watch the big game, get ready to cheer and show some team spirit like only best friends can do!

Enjoy Autumnal Color Changes During a Nature Walk 

For some true quality time spent with that special friend, put on your best hiking boots and take a stroll through nature!

exterior shot of The Lash Lounge — Mission Valley location

A quick search on your phone will show you nearby trails and before you know it, you’ll be oohing and ahing over the colors of the trees. 🍂  

Bonus points if you guys make it a sunrise or sunset hike! The views will be incredible—and picture perfect for you and your pal! 😍

Self-Care Time At The Lash Lounge  

We all LOVE making time for self-care, and what better way to do that than an afternoon spent with your BFF at The Lash Lounge? 💜 Eyelash extensions, brow threading, lash lift and tint—the choice is yours. You could even have the ultimate self-care day together by booking multiple services! After pampering yourselves with luxe services, be sure to snap some selfies together and tag us! 🤳🏽 

Friendships For Life (With Lashes!)  

This day in age, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with friends and nurture those relationships! However you choose to spend your best friend date, we hope you consider making The Lash Lounge a part of the fun! We’d love to provide the ultimate destination for a best friend date so each of you can leave with lux lashes and brows AND feel refreshed. 💜