Always Look on Point With These Classic Makeup Looks

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  • July 26th, 2023
Smiling young brunette with classic makeup and lash extensions

Glamorous and Easy Timeless Makeup Looks

When it comes to finding a makeup look that you can be proud of for years to come, stick with the classics. Red lips, bold and defined lashes and a healthy glow will always be in style! (Even when you pull those photos out to show the grandkids someday! 😉)

We love a good trend, but you just can’t go wrong with the classics. 💁🏽‍♀️ Avoid time stamping yourself in photos and look effortlessly glam on any occasion. In our book: you can never go wrong with timeless makeup looks.

What Is a Classic Makeup Look?

Classic makeup typically refers to classic Hollywood makeup looks. Often, choices were made to help the actor’s features pop on the big screen without looking overdone or like a costume.

Most of these classic makeup styles still make sense today and are suitable for any face shape. The best thing about these looks: they aren’t “trendy”—they were designed to stand the test of time 💃🏼! They work to highlight your best features and even help you redefine areas you may feel less confident about.

When it comes to classic makeup, you can go as big and bold as you like. Don’t think of classic makeup as outdated, it’s popular for a reason!

Many timeless looks have even been subtly updated through the years to fit a modern audience. It’s all about customizing the look to fit your needs. Subtle changes can take a look from sultry and glam to dramatic and show-stopping! Which way will you take your look?

10 Classic Makeup Looks to Keep You Looking Timeless

1. Cat eye—When it comes to classic eye makeup, there’s nothing more iconic than a cat eye. With dramatic eyeliner that creates a sharp angle and elongates the lash line, a cat eye helps draw attention to your eyes and make a statement.

2. Smoky eye—One of our favorite glam makeup looks is the smoky eye. Rather than color blocking the eyeshadow, the smoky eye uses dimension to create a chic and elegant blend. If you want to try an updated take on the smoky eye for 2022, we recommend blending both dark and neutral shades of eyeshadow.

3. Full lash line—A defined, full and fluffy lash line will NEVER (like ever!) go out of style. From added length to fullness, a lux lash line will draw attention to the eye and define its shape, making you look refreshed and youthful.

We love lash extensions for their ability to transform your eyes AND face. At The Lash Lounge, we offer application method customizations including “Classic,” “Hybrid,” “Volume” and “Mega Volume” to fit your natural features and personal style.

Love your natural lashes! Want to skip extensions (for now) but still make your eyes pop? Enhance them with a lash lift or lift + tint. A lash lift gently curls and separates your lashes for up to eight weeks. A lash tint will embolden your natural lashes (and brows if you want those tinted too!) with a color that complements your features and lasts up to four weeks.

4. Red lip—This look DEFINES classic! Adding this eye-catching pop of color is the perfect way to liven up your look and get that glam factor.

When doing a red lip, make sure you find the perfect shade of red that complements your skin tone and won’t appear too orange or too pink. Before applying your new shade be sure to moisturize and exfoliate your lips! Dry, rough, or cracked lips become more noticeable after a coat of lipstick. You want your pretty pout to SHINE!  👄

TIP: Try pairing your red lip with smoky eyes for the ultimate glam and dramatic eyes and lips duo.

5. Nude lips—Looking for a more subtle lip? Try a nude. At the heart of all classic looks is using makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Nothing does this better than a nude lip. To create an effective nude lip, it’s crucial to find the right color for your face. Consider your skin color and undertones and use that to determine how dark of a nude you should get and whether you need a cooler (pink) or warmer (yellow/orange) shade.

Three woman with different classic makeup looks and lash extensions

6. Naturally clean brows—We know brow trends come and go, but one style that will always be popular is a clean and natural brow. To avoid over-plucking and nail the right shape to define your natural features, try brow threading. A soft brow with a subtle arch that helps frame your eyes will complement any makeup look.

7. Glowy skin—Guess what? Healthy skin is ALWAYS in! That’s why we’ll always love a dewy and glowing face that looks well cared for, fresh and healthy. To get dewy skin, it’s all about properly priming your face. Prepare your skin with a light moisturizer, primer or face mist (or all three!) to help your skin stay supple all day. When it comes to foundation and highlighter, use liquid or cream-based makeup to achieve the gorgeous, glowy look you want.

No-makeup makeup is a trend that has stuck around due to its celebration of naturally healthy-looking skin. It’s rooted in Korean skincare and is centered around finding a routine that helps you achieve your skin goals.

8. Rosy tones—Similar to nude lips, the goal of rosy tones (or any color that complements your skin) is to discover your natural undertone and enhance it. Use blush, eyeshadow and even lipstick to give your skin a naturally flushed look and keep your makeup from looking flat. Using blush and shades of pink that bring out your tones will keep you looking sultry and your complexion looking healthy and youthful.

9. Minimalist makeup—A natural “no-makeup” enhances and refines your natural features. Celebrate your natural skin and use colors that match your undertones.

Try lash and brow tinting to embolden and define your natural eyebrows and eyelashes without having to rely on any brow gel and pencils or mascara in your daily routine.

10. Monochrome—While most classic makeup looks are rooted in neutrals, when it comes to monochromatic looks, you get to be more adventurous. The matching lip and eye color palette allow you to try fun colors while keeping your look put together and stylish.

Get Your Glam on at The Lash Lounge

We love timeless makeup because it does it all! From bold makeup looks to soft and romantic, classic makeup is meant to help you enhance your features and feel beautiful for any occasion! 🌟

A classic makeup look isn’t complete without flawless eyelashes and eyebrows, of course. Don’t let imperfect brows and or lackluster lashes take away from your perfect red lip or hide behind your well-blended smoky eye, let them shine, too! Custom services from The Lash Lounge can help you do just that and give you a timeless look to love! Find out how to prepare for eyelash extensions and what your first appointment will be like!