Brushing Lash Extensions: How To Do It With a Lash Wand

Lash Extension Maintenance and Brushing

Not only is brushing lash extensions a non-negotiable part of maintaining the look and health of your eyelash extensions, but it also keeps your lashes fluffed and in place!

Brushing Lash Extensions Is Easy!

Another perk about brushing your lash extensions: it’s SO simple! Watch our tutorial to learn how to brush your lash extensions to get them fluffed to perfection, then make sure you have a lash wand (like our Crystal Lash Wand), eyelash comb or eyelash spoolie.

One of these trusted lash essentials will get the daily job done. And if you ask us, you should keep a lash wand on hand wherever you are, whether at home or on the go.