Breaking Down What’s Better With Lashes

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Birthdays, milestones, vacay, date night and more. Know what all these things have in common? They’re ALL better with lashes. Join us as we break down “why” with a little help from our brand ambassador, Katie Hoff Anderson!

katie hoff anderson standing on bridge during vacation

Life (And Everything In Between) Is Better With Lashes

If you have lash extensions, you’ll understand the sentiment behind this post. If not, allow us to open your eyes to what’s better with lashes!

Birthdays: During our brand ambassador, Katie Hoff Anderson’s birthday this year, she shined even brighter while celebrating with family and friends. Of course, the glow from the sparkling candles helped, but the true showstopper: her custom lashes.

Have a big birthday coming up, too? Make those pictures pop and boost your bday confidence with a lash line that shines! 🎂🎉

Vacation: One thing you don’t want to have to do while on vacay is wear makeup OR spend much time getting ready at all. (Are we right?!?) With eyelash extensions you get an instant glow without a stich of makeup.

Moral of the story: Pack your bags but leave the makeup at home. With lash extensions, you won’t need it! 😉✈️

Early Mornings: From school drop off to meetings or errands, being able to wake-up, get ready, wear little to no makeup and get out the door on early mornings is MUCH easier and better when you have lash extensions!

For Katie, she’s always up before the sun to get a workout, run or cold plunge in. She also loves to share her health and wellness routines on social media and thanks to her lash extensions, it’s easy to snap, record and post since her lashes make her look refreshed no matter what heath or fitness routine she’s in the middle of!


Katie Hoff Anderson outdoors with husband on date night

See her feature on POPSUGAR Wellness where she documented her early morning routine PLUS her favorite Lash Lounge products.

Date Night: Whether it’s fresh and new or you’re keeping the romance alive, who doesn’t love to *up* their look for that special someone on date night? A lush lash line will do ALLthat and more for any look you’re going for: glam or casual!

All you need is fun plans with your favorite person. And don’t forget the selfies like Katie and her hubby, Todd.

Holidays: No matter the holiday, there’s always that feeling of wanting to look your best. Some holidays you want to dress up (hello, Easter!) while others get hectic and you need to make your beauty routine simpler while still amping up your look.

Whatever it is about holidays for you, one thing is certain: All holidays are BETTER with lash!!

close-up of Katie Hoff Anderson wearing glasses with lash extensions

Glasses: Some may think that if you wear glasses, lash extensions may not be a fit, but it’s actually the opposite! Your lash line can still make a statement behind those specs. Just ask our brand ambassador, Katie Hoff Anderson who often rocks glasses with her lash extensions!

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Book That Lash Appointment. See What’s Better With Lashes!

Enjoying life to the fullest, surrounding yourself with those who make you feel happy and celebrating all. the. things. That’s truly what makes life better and that’s just what Katie lives by!

If that sounds like you, too and you want to give all those things even more of a boost, we promise lash extensions will do just that. Because when you look good, you FEEL good and you SHINE in all areas of your life.

*photos provided by Katie Hoff Anderson