Lash Safety 101—How to Protect Your Eyelash Extensions

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You love your lashes. You’ve made an investment in them. So, why not protect them the best you can, right? Over our years of helping guests at The Lash Lounge get the gorgeous lashes they deserve; we’ve encountered some lash accidents (lashcidents?) and avoidable encounters that seem to be more frequent than others.

Join us as we take a deep dive into eyelash extension safety. Learn how debris on eyelashes from makeup, rubbing your eyes with lash extensions and even burned eyelashes from a grill are ALL things to be mindful of to keep your lash line safe!

How to Protect Your Eyelash Extensions from Common Mishaps

Don’t let an unfortunate accident with one of these common eyelash extension mishaps affect your lashes.

Beware of The Burn!

When it comes to opening a hot oven, improperly turning on a grill, or even trying to start a lighter one too many times, heat and fumes can impact your natural lashes, lash extensions and even your brows! 🔥 Not only can extreme heat melt your lash extension adhesive, but it can also singe or burn your lash AND brow hairs. YIKES! No one wants to have to deal with that!

A woman bending down and putting pizza on a pan into an oven

To protect against burned eyelashes from the grill, lashes exposed to flames or excess heat (even from your hairdryer!), keep a safe distance when possible and exercise caution. A few simple things you can do:

  • Leave time between attempts to turn on a grill to prevent too much gas and heat from building up. 🔥
  • Open the oven a little at a time when it’s really hot to avoid a plume of heat going toward your lashes. ♨️
  • When blow drying your hair, put the dryer on a cooler setting, use a nozzle to control direct air flow and even flip your head upside down to avoid heat blowing directly on your lashes. 💨

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Remember, after a day around fire or fumes, thoroughly cleanse your extensions! The heat may have gotten debris on your eyelashes, and you don’t want that to unintentionally harm your adhesive. A quick cleanse can do wonders!

Avoid Lash Tugging

With maintenance-free lashes that feel natural, it can be easy to forget you’re even wearing extensions. From rubbing your eyes with lash extensions to rolling in your sleep, your lashes go through a lot of daily wear and tear.

To avoid small lash mishaps, remind yourself to never (like ever) rub directly along your lash line. If you know you’re somewhere where allergens or debris in the air may irritate your eyes, try wearing glasses (sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses or even safety glasses) as a reminder to avoid touching your eyes. 👓 For nighttime protection, try sleeping in our 3D Contoured Sleep Mask.

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Keep Your Lashes Free from Excess Moisture

While water and lashes are A-OKAY together, not cleaning your lashes after water or moisture exposure from things like swimming in a pool or ocean, sweating or humidity can cause your lash adhesive to prematurely lose its strength. 💧

woman with lash extensions drying her face with towel

After cleansing, always lightly pat your lashes dry with a lint-free cloth. Yes, the type of cloth used on or near your eyelash extensions DOES matter because if you don’t use the right one, you can snag your lashes.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch this video to see how to properly cleanse and dry your lash extensions.

Why Does Lash Extension Care Matter?

Over time, lash extensions will grow out and shed with your natural lashes. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about caring for them in between lash fill appointments. With the proper lash care, you can keep your extensions looking long, curled, and beautiful between fills. Without the proper care, your lash adhesive could prematurely lose its grip, leading your lashes to fall out sooner than you’d like and giving your lash line a look you might not love. 👎

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Make Eyelash Extension Safety a Priority

We know that mishaps occur, and sometimes a small uh-oh can lead to a few extensions falling off before their time. That’s why regularly scheduling your lash fill services (we recommend every two weeks) is SO important. A lash fill will help you keep up with your gorgeous lash line in case you encounter any eyelash extension accidents. Your lash stylist will also fix any extensions that naturally grow out. BONUS, a lash fill gives you time to regroup with your stylist and get expert advice on even more ways to protect your beloved lash line!