Q&A with Our New Brand Ambassador: Katie Hoff Anderson

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  • July 26th, 2023
closeup of Lash Lounge Brand Ambassador Katie Hoff Anderson

Since The Lash Lounge began, we’ve always stood for strong, empowered, confident women. As we enter a new year, that sentiment is stronger than ever. 💪

This is why we’re DELIGHTED to announce a special partnership with our NEW brand ambassador, Katie Hoff Anderson!  Katie has made a splash in the world over the years (literally. more on that below!) and in recent years at The Lash Lounge. We’re so excited to partner with her and have her, a trailblazer, a shining star, an inspiration, represent our brand!

young girl katie hoff anderson playing with makeup

Getting to Know Katie Hoff Anderson

If you follow our brand pages on social, you may have seen Katie here and there and know a little about her. If not, let’s get you up to speed:

🏊🏻‍♀‍ She’s a 2x Olympian with record-breaking achievements in swimming
🏅She’s won not one but THREE Olympic medals
📖 She’s an author and wrote a book called “Blueprint: An Olympian’s Story of Striving, Adapting, and Embracing the Suck
💪🏻 She’s taken disappointment and turned it into purpose
✨ She’s got an authentic zest for life!
🧖🏼‍♀‍ She’s passionate about health, wellness AND self-care
💜 Her love for her custom lash extensions is BIG!

Now, let’s “dive in” to our Q&A with Katie!

Katie Hoff Anderson: Then and Now

1. TLL: At what age did you first fall in love with swimming and how was this passion born?

KHA: I fell in love at the age of 7. At age 5, the pool was so cold and so I “retired” for a year. I missed it so much after about a year that I joined a year-round team at the age of 7.

2. TLL: How old were you when you first went to the Olympics and what are a couple highlights about your Olympic experiences that you cherish most?

KHA: I had just turned 15 years old at my first Olympics in 2004. I cherish representing my country with my last name and the American flag on my cap.

I cherish winning my first Olympic medal and looking up into the stands and seeing my parents looking so happy and proud.

3. TLL: You often talk about being an athlete and still wanting to add that feminine touch to your look even when training. Before you had lashes, was there something you did to achieve this?

KHA: Yes! I HAD to wear earrings at every swim meet and at practice. It just added a little touch of femininity especially since wearing a cap takes away all your hair. I also always wore waterproof eyeliner and tinted sunscreen when I was at outdoor meets.

Look good, feel good is so true for me!

mid-shot of katie hoff anderson during an olympic ceremony

4. TLL: What’s something from your years of training to get to the Olympics and the discipline that took that you still implement in your life today?

KHA: Process and routine! You have to do all the little things right to accomplish any goal. I am still really dialed into the details regardless of if it’s in the gym, in business or in my personal life. Daily wins create momentum and motivation.

5. TLL: We know you’re a part of several exciting things! What’s keeping you busy these days?

KHA: My business, which provides strength and conditioning virtually for swim teams across the nation, sharing my story to businesses and corporations, my advocacy with Inari Medical and the National Blood Clot Alliance and sales leadership with a hospitality company. I like to stay busy!

Katie Hoff Anderson’s Life with Lash Extensions

6. TLL: How long have you had lash extensions and what was your reaction when you saw them for the first time during at your first Lash Lounge appointment?

KHA: I’ve had lashes for almost two years now. I was HOOKED the instant I saw them in the mirror. It makes me feel so confident to wake up looking so fresh and glam!

7. TLL: Now that you’ve had lash extensions for a while, what’s something you’ve learned about them that has surprised you?

KHA: The biggest thing that surprises me is how long they last if you take care of them. I am pretty hard on them since I sweat every day and travel weekly (75 flights in 2022!).

mid-shot of katie hoff anderson in The Lash Lounge salon

8. TLL: What’s your favorite Lash Lounge product and why?

KHA: Lash Armor In Onyx— it’s got a dark tint like mascara and maintenance for your lashes in one!!

9. TLL: What 3 words would you use to describe how you feel with lash extensions?

KHA: Glamorous, confident and empowered

10. TLL: What’s your go-to lash application AND favorite part of a lash refill day?

KHA: Volume D curl all day long! My favorite part is having to be without my phone and chatting with Kacy my lash stylist.

11. TLL: Other than lash extensions, what are a couple other “musts” in your daily beauty/wellness routine?

KHA: Definitely 21 Spray by Pureology post shower for my hair, vitamin C serum post shower and sunscreen moisturizer. I also love my spray tans because they give me a healthy sun-kissed look without worrying about damaging my skin from the sun.

Katie on Confidence, Self-Care and Living Authentically

12. TLL: You’re so authentic and, as you know, we love that about you! Have you always been comfortable in your own skin or has that evolved over the years?

KHA: That has definitely evolved. I still have my days of insecurity, but I’ve learned that nobody is perfect and you’ve just got to do the things that make you feel confident and keep moving no matter what. Eventually, you’ll find your flow and you’ll be glowing with that energy.

13. TLL: How important is self-care to you and what are a couple ways you take care of YOU?

KHA: Self-care is everything. You have to put on your oxygen mask before anyone else in order to be the best version of yourself. Working out, snuggling with my Frenchie, Ally, and spending time with my husband are ways that I recharge and feel energized to take on a tough day/week/month.

14. TLL: We’ll do this again because there’s so much more we’d love to know about you! To wrap it up, what’s one thing you’d like to share with other women (or anyone) looking to live an authentic, joy-filled life just as you do?

KHA: Everyone is different! Don’t feel like you have to do certain things just because it’s what brings joy to someone else. Evaluate what makes YOU happy and fulfilled and then chase after those things unapologetically!

Make Your Own Splash in 2023!

As we celebrate this new partnership with Katie, we hope that you follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see more of what Katie’s up to in life and at The Lash Lounge! You won’t want to miss exciting updates and news, like giveaways!

Our hope is that you’re as inspired by Katie’s drive and self-love as we are, and that this will result in YOU wanting to tap into your own self-care journey in 2023. If that includes visiting your local Lash Lounge, even better! 💜

*Photos provided by Katie Hoff Anderson