Skip The Fillers. Try Brow Services!

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  • June 13th, 2023
Mid-shot of pretty blonde woman smiling with beautiful brows

Looking to give your brows a boost without exploring filler alternatives? You’re in luck! The right shape and flattering hue can give your brows an instant boost!

close-up of middle-aged woman with beautiful brows

Eyebrow Raising Truths

Can aging cause eyebrow loss? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just like our hair, skin and body, things change over time. The same is true for your eyebrows. If you notice that your eyebrow area seems droopy or your brows seem thinner, drab or not as youthful, you’re not alone!

The truth: There ARE ways you can give your brows a boost and a more youthful appearance without going the filler route.

A Natural Brow Lift with Threading and Tinting

One of the simplest ways to give your blah brows a boost is with two eyebrow services: brow threading and brow tinting. Each service (especially when combined) can give you the eyebrow raise you’ve been looking for, minus any uncomfortable pokes or pricks from fillers. OUCH!

If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve given those brows a groom, eyebrow threading will:

  • clean up the overall brow area for a polished appearance
  • instantly take YEARS off your eyes and overall look

Wondering “Where’s eyebrow threading near me?” Allow us to help you out: Click here!

When it comes to brow tinting, enhancing the color of your eyebrows can give your eyes AND face the definition it’s been lacking, especially if you’re one with very light brow hairs that tend to blend in with your skin tone. Here’s the difference you’ll see when your brows have a bold yet natural color:

  • an overall brightened appearance to your face and eyes
  • enhancement to your natural features

Behold: Brow Lamination!

If you’ve noticed that your brows have become unruly, hard to keep in place or the texture of your hairs has changed over time, brow lamination is calling your name!*

close-up of woman's closed eye area after brow lamination

This service will:

  • redirect your natural brow hairs
  • create a shaped and manicured look
  • give you a fuller and smoother, yet natural, brow
  • provide a natural brow lift as, after the service, your brow hairs will take on an upward angle

Brow lamination has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years and Lash Lounge guests of all ages have fallen in love with the results—especially considering the brow makeover they got was minus the injections! 💉🙅🏽‍♀️

*Brow lamination offered at select salons only. Contact yours for availability.


Finally: Filler Alternatives For Your Brows!

As the years go by, things about our appearance change. Tough but true…we know! 😩

The good news: When it comes to giving your look a lift, plump and boost, filler alternatives are endless these days. At The Lash Lounge, we’re excited to help you pinpoint the service(s) that will leave you “brow beautiful!”

Raise the brow! 😉