New Year, (Same) Beautiful You!

  • Published
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  • June 28th, 2023
young black woman smiling with lash extensions

We’re strong believers in prioritizing yourself year-round, but when a new year arrives, it’s only natural for many of us to starting thinking about. And no, we’re not only talking about beauty in the sense of makeup, cosmetics or outward beauty alone. The beauty we’re talking about is SO much more!

This might feel like a beautiful new you, but it’s really giving yourself the permission to recognize AND express the beautiful you who’s always been within.

How to Feel Beautiful

It’s common to think that feeling beautiful is the result of something on the outside. It 100% can be (hello, new lashes and brows 😍), but feeling beautiful can also be a result of doing something that makes you FEEL like your best you!


  • Doing something (even the simplest thing) that you don’t just like but that you LOVE!
  • Purge and pass on! Toss things you’re not using or don’t want anymore. (Making space and giving to others can totally leave you feeling like a beautiful new you!)
  • Try something new! Hairstyle, lashes, workout, brow service, cosmetics…you name it!
woman hiking outdoors and smiling with lash extensions

Do Things That Make You Feel Beautiful

Making time to do the things you love is not only a form of self-care; when you lean into what brings you joy, your inner beauty will shine from the inside out.

This can be anything from:

  • Making time for that hobby that you can’t get enough of 🎨
  • Getting out in nature 🦋
  • Surrounding yourself with friends or family members you truly love being around ♥️
  • Making routine appointments for massages, nails, workouts AND, yep, even lash extensions! 💅🏼

The bottom line: Doing the things you love on a regular basis will leave your inner beauty radiating outward for the world to see!

Purge and Pass On

There’s just something about a new year that makes us think about fresh starts AND organization. Which reminds us of a beauty resolution: cleaning out old or unused cosmetics and products. While you’re at it, give some of those clothes, shoes (anything in your closet taking up space) a second look! When you begin, don’t only consider what’s old but think about what’s YOU! If it’s makeup or something in your wardrobe that doesn’t feel like the 2023 version of you, toss it!

Once you’ve compiled all that you’re ready to say “so long” to, pass the items on. Donate to a local shelter or charity. It feels SO good to give, and when you do, there’s beauty in gifting, which will leave you with a NEW way of FEELING beautiful!

Try Something New in The New Year

How many times have you told yourself: “I’m gonna try it this year!”? Let this be THE year!

mid-shot of woman in pink shirt looking in mirror after getting lash extensions

From finally going for that new hairdo that’s been on your Pinterest board (for years) to regularly treating yourself to a massage or, our fav, going for it and GETTING LASH EXTENSIONS, give at least one new thing a try in 2023! And if it’s something that gives your look a boost and makes your confidence soar—trust us!—that beautiful new you will shine brighter than ever! ✨

Speaking of shining, take a look back at some of our Lash Lounge guests that did this very thing. They went for it, got lash extensions and shine bright on the inside AND outside!

Wondering  how your first lash day will go? Check out this video: What To Expect When Getting Lash Extensions


New Year, New Lashes. (It’s Time!)

It’s our hope that this year is THE year you prioritize yourself and do whatever it is that uncovers the beautiful new you that you deserve!

We hope a visit to The Lash Lounge for a lash or brow boost is part of your plans because it would be a true honor to be a part of your new year, new you journey! 💜