Beauty Hacks for Eye Bags and Dark Circles

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  • June 28th, 2023
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Say Goodbye to Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

Your eyes shouldn’t give away your night out or reality TV binge. (We’ve been there, too!) AND no one wants to wake up with dark circles under their eyes (no matter how much of a night owl you are)! Luckily, with the right tricks, there’s no need to get too attached to your eye bags and dark circles because it’s time to get rid of them! 👋

Eye Bags Vs. Dark Circles

What are eye bags anyway? 🤔 Eye bags are caused by swelling and puffiness under the eyes while dark circles are discoloration under the eyes. There can be a few causes of dark circles under your eyes, but the most common one is not getting enough sleep. While the ultimate cure is good slumber, we know that option just isn’t always in the cards. (Hello, new moms! 👶🏼)

A close up of a woman's eye with lash extensions that give her eye a naturally lifted look

Getting less sleep than you need will also contribute to unwanted eye bags. However, puffiness under your eyes can be brought on by allergies and sinus problems, causing swelling in the sinus tissue below your eyes. Not removing makeup can even cause eye bags. YIKES! If left on too long, makeup can even start to irritate the skin around your eyes and leave it swollen. So always clean your face before bed!

You may also notice that after a night of drinks with the girls or indulging in salty snacks, you wake up with eye bags. That’s because the amount of fluid in your body impacts the look of the skin on your face. Skin will retain more water after eating lots of salty food and can look more dehydrated after a couple of drinks. (Bummer news, we know!) This causes the skin under your eyes to become a bit looser, and then those unsightly bags can form.

Dark circles AND eye bags can even be hereditary, therefore, taking precautions by getting more sleep and skipping a drink may not do the trick. We’re not telling you to skip the girl’s night out by any means! We’re here to help you have your cake and eat it too with our hacks to hide eye bags and dark circles. 🍰😉

Best Tips for Dark Circles and Eye Bags

Let’s nip those eye bags and dark circles in the bud!

  1. Curl and lengthen your lashes. Using your lashes to focus attention up and away from your under eyes is a great trick. Beautiful eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. At The Lash Lounge, we’re experts in making lashes look longer with a flawless curl. Our lash services not only make your lashes look gorgeous, but they’ll also make your getting-ready routine a breeze.
  • Here are some eyelash services to try:
    • Lash lift and tint—While the lash lift perfectly curls your lashes to give your eyes a round and lifted look, pairing this with a tint to color your lashes will give you the extra definition you want to keep the attention on your eyes.
    • Lash extensions—Fluffy and long lash extensions are the perfect way to make your look all about the eyes. For the ultimate distraction from dark circles, try our Volume application method. Paired with the D curl, your lashes will look full, defined, and flawless and our eyes…they’ll look REFRESHED!

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  1. Use a color-correcting, oil-free concealer. Eye bags and dark circles are often accompanied by hyperpigmentation due to swollen blood vessels causing the skin to look darker. A high-quality concealer should be your go-to for under eye bags. A color-correcting concealer will neutralize coloring and the makeup will seamlessly blend in with your skin. We suggest using an oil-free product around the eye. Oil-free products are less likely to irritate the skin and won’t weaken the bond between natural lashes and extensions.
  2. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated with water and other healthy beverages, like tea and fruit juice, will help stabilize your fluid intake and prevent your skin from heavily reacting to other factors like stress and fatigue.
  3. Apply a cold compress to the area. Eye bags are often the result of swelling. A cold washcloth with a few ice cubes wrapped inside can help shrink any swollen blood vessels and reduce the appearance of dark circles of puffy skin. (It’s one of those age-old beauty tips that still works today! 🙌)
  4. Wear highlighter makeup. Highlighter is the perfect makeup for dark circles under eyes and eye bags as it offsets any unwanted coloring and draws attention elsewhere. Gently glide the highlighter along your dark circle or eye bag then up your cheekbones to give your skin a lifted look. Pair this with custom lash extensions and your look will be something you want to show off for all the right reasons.

Find a Long-Term Solution to Dark Circles and Eye Bags

While there’s no way to completely ensure you’ll never get dark circles or eye bags again (we wish!), you can be prepared to tackle them when the time comes. That’s why we LOVE using lash services that give the eyes and face a lifted look that will keep you feeling confident even on those mornings you wake up with dark circles. Getting your lashes done at The Lash Lounge will keep you prepared!