Do Collagen and Biotin Support Lash Growth?

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Hair and nail growth vitamins are as popular as ever. But does collagen help eyelash growth? And what about biotin for eyelashes? We’re breaking it down!

Collagen and Hair Growth

Many people are big believers that collagen has helped their hair grow. When it comes to collagen, what might work for you may not work for someone else.

However, there have been a number of studies and research that has shown that collagen and hair growth go hand in hand. How? Why, you ask?

Here are some facts on the topic:

  • Collagen is a protein in your body that promotes the overall health of not just hair, but your bones, muscles, skin and more!
  • According to, “Supplementing collagen may increase activity of cells called fibroblasts in your skin, which send signals to cells at the base of hair follicles responsible for making new hair.”
  • As we age and go through changes with our body (like hormonal changes), the levels of collagen can decrease.
  • Giving your body a boost of collagen can come in ingested forms from foods, powders, capsules, beverages, gummies or topically through products like serums, creams and more.
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Does Collagen Help Eyelash Growth?

If the hair on your head isn’t growing like it once did or seems thin, sparse or you’re dealing with hair loss, your eyelashes are probably in the same boat, too.

Collagen for hair can do the same as collagen for eyelashes and promote the health and growth of your lash hairs.

OUR TIP: Test a few ways of providing yourself with more collagen, whether via supplements or a lash growth serum like NeuLash Professional™ that we carry at The Lash Lounge! For years, our guests have been using and LOVING this serum to promote lash growth.

And in case you’re wondering: Yes, a lash serum CAN be used when you have lash extensions to further promote growth so your lash line can continue to carry an abundance of lash extensions. 🙌

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Does Biotin Help Eyelash Growth?

We’ve talked about collagen and lash serums, but how about biotin? 🤔

Similarly to collagen, biotin plays an important role in our bodies as it takes what we ingest such as protein, carbs and fats then transforms it into what our body needs. This produces energy AND (you guessed it!) promotes the health and growth of our hair and lashes!

This is the very reason why you see SO many wellness and beauty products with biotin, as well as hair and nail growth vitamins.

Our Tips For Improving Hair and Lash Growth

Like we’ve mentioned, everyone is different! Some of us may add biotin and collagen to our daily routines and see a major difference, while others may not see results as quickly due to how our bodies absorb them.

This is why we continue to recommend the following when trying AND testing supplements and products containing collagen and biotin:

  • Find what works for YOU: Supplements, serums, hair products, powders, the list goes on.
  • When selecting a method of adding biotin or collagen to your daily routine, select something that you’ll stick with. Why? Consistency is key 🔑 if you want to see results.*

(*Use any product as directed but do not overuse. Consult a physician with questions about intake.)

  • Don’t forget about ‘ol faithful: FOOD! Many of the vitamins and minerals you need to promote lash and hair growth comes from foods such as fish, nuts, veggies and more.

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Lash Lounge Products with Biotin and Collagen

We can’t wrap this up without sharing a few of our exclusive products that contain biotin and collagen. See below and snag one (or all!) the next time you visit The Lash Lounge!

  • Lash Armor: Available in an Onyx and Crystal formula, this lash sealant does wonders for the longevity of your lash extensions and contains biotin to support follicle growth.
    • It also helps to strengthen your lashes and stimulates keratin production, keeping them healthy!
  • Amplify + Extend Mascara Duo: With or without lash extensions, this double-sided mascara is a game changer for providing length and volume to your lash line.
    • Another bonus is the key ingredient of collagen proteins which helps strengthen and condition your natural lashes with every use.

Let The Lash Lounge Help With Your Lash Goals

Whether your lash goals involve keeping your lashes healthy while sporting custom lash extensions or simply maintaining the overall health and growth of your natural lashes, our trained lash experts are here to help! All you have to do is come see us!