Get The Look: Beautiful Eyes, No Makeup

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • August 9th, 2023
mid-shot of woman in hat on beach with natural lash lift

Bare makeup is as popular as ever and the good news: It’s easy to get! See just how easy it is to ace a beautiful, natural eyes look thanks to a natural lash lift and little to no makeup.

Beautiful Eyes, No Makeup

No matter what color or shape your eyes are, they can shine ALL on their own . Sure, we love eye makeup trends, but sometimes less is more. In fact, it’s your lashes that can do WONDERS for achieving beautiful, natural eyes.

Skip the mascara and get a natural lash curl with a favorite service we have here at The Lash Lounge: a lash lift!

Natural Lash Curl Thanks To a Lash Lift

With summer approaching, now is the best time to lean into bare makeup that highlights your beautiful natural eyes!

close-up of woman's eye after getting a lash lift

To get this look, a lash lift is JUST what you need. Lasting up to 8 weeks, this service gives your natural lashes a stunning curl you’ll love as soon as you wake up each day. 🤩 You can toss that pesky lash curler, throw on a little SPF (maybe a hint of gloss) and go!

If you’re not familiar with a lash lift, allow us to share some highlights about this life (and lash) changing service!

  • A lash lift takes your straight lashes and transforms them into a lasting curl.
  • Our expert stylists use silicone lifting rods to achieve a perfect, safe AND custom curl for your natural lashes.
  • We help you pick the right curl to best complement your facial features AND eye shape.
  • A gentle adhesive is used to adhere your lashes to the rod and get the curl set in place. (Some like to call it a perm for your lashes.)
  • The service itself takes an hour or less.
  • The results can last up to 8 weeks until it’s time to refresh that curl (and take that lash nap you love so much!).

Wondering “Where’s A Natural Lash Lift Near Me?” We got you!

If a natural lash curl is calling your name, then you can book a lash lift service at a Lash Lounge near you.

Our expert stylists are masters at customizing all of our lash services, including lash lifts, AND they would be delighted to give you that “beautiful eyes, no makeup” look you desire!

Last tip: If your lashes need a color boost too, consider adding a tint. A lash lift and tint is THE ultimate lash service duo!