Give. Save. Get That Holiday Shine! (For You, For All!)

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A woman in a sweater blowing glitter out of her palm with a graphic text next to her that reads "Get That Holiday Shine!"

Wondering how you can get that holiday SHINE? We’ve got ideas that will keep spirits merry and BRIGHT this season, including lash savings to set you and others up to shine well into the new year!

What Does It Mean To Have That Holiday Shine?

Finding that holiday shine can look different for everyone. It can include spending time with those special people in your life, showing yourself some love, carrying on traditions, creating new traditions, finding the perfect gifts and even selfless acts to brighten someone’s holiday. 

Whatever it is that makes you shine bright, let it live on not just during the holidays, but as you enter the new year. 

An eye with lash extensions centered in a circle frame with graphic text that says "A Gift That Will Make Them Shine!"

Give, Save and SHINE!

One of the best parts of the holiday season? GIVING heartfelt gifts! If you have a lover of all things LASHES in your life or you want to gift something to someone who deserves some self-care time in 2023, we’ve got just the thing!  Give them a gift card to The Lash Lounge for a full set of custom lash extensions.   

🎁 SHINING NEWS: Now until December 31st you can buy a full set gift card and SAVE over $100!* Not only will you be giving a GREAT gift, but you’ll be saving money! (Talk about the best of both worlds!)  

This gift-giving season, think about that someone who needs a pick-me-up and uninterrupted time for themselves. (Yourself included! More on this below.) From the moment this unique gift is received, we guarantee you AND the recipient will be shining bright! 💜 

*At participating salons only. Prices and lash levels may vary by location. Exclusions may apply. Service with a stylist; ask about stylist upgrades. Limit one per person. No limit on full set gift cards purchased for others. 

Shining Through Selflessness

Feeling an inner nudge to go the extra mile this holiday season? Here’s an idea: think how you can ignite some shine in yourself AND others through a selfless act of kindness!  

a stack of presents sitting on a door step

You could:  

  • Collect canned goods for a local food drive 🥫 
  • Volunteer at your local soup kitchen 
  • Make a donation to a charity that speaks to you (even a little goes a long way!) 💸 
  • Buy gifts for a family in need 
  • Deliver homemade treats and a note to neighbors, service workers in your community or to a local business you love 🍪 
  • The list goes ON and ON!  

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can easily distract us from simple things that can truly make a difference. To brighten the season and make the end to 2022 really count, consider a selfless act you can do to show kindness and fuel that holiday shine while bringing joy to others!  

Show Yourself Some Self-Love

It may be the season for giving, but it’s the season for receiving as well! Who says a Lash Lounge gift card is limited to buying for others? Show yourself some love and buy one for YOU!  This present to yourself doesn’t end with the lashes—you’ll get some well-needed self-care and relaxation, too!  

If you fill your own cup, chances are you’ll be more likely to do the same for others amidst the chaos that life can bring. Start the new year off the RIGHT way and show yourself the love!💜 

All Aglow This Holiday Season

Here at The Lash Lounge, helping others recognize their shine is one of our specialties! From gifting to others or treating yourself, we’ll be here all season long to help you give (and receive) THAT HOLIDAY SHINE! ✨