In Their Words: 5 Lash Stylists Share Why They Love What They Do

  • Published
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  • December 19th, 2022
Lash stylist smiles in front of The Lash Lounge on a sunny day

Our expert stylists not only have a passion for lashes, but they truly care about their craft and how they make each guest look AND feel. See what some of them have to say about their lash-loving profession!


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A Lash Lounge stylist performing a lash extensions service on a guest.

Schandelle, Stylist from The Lash Lounge Sacramento – Fair Oaks & Howe:

“My favorite moment as a stylist for The Lash Lounge is during any lash service when there’s the anticipation of the big reveal at the end. Handing the mirror over to my guest and having them gasp over how amazing their lashes look—that makes my entire day! Making my guests feel beautiful and happy is the BEST part of my job!”

Anna, Stylist from The Lash Lounge Shrewsbury – Lakeway Commons:

“The opportunity I’ve been provided to connect with so many amazing people is what I love most about what I do! It’s being able to get to know each guest and help them see both their inner and outer beauty. For that, I am forever thankful for my job at The Lash Lounge.”

Jennifer, Stylist from The Lash Lounge Carmel – Boardwalk Shoppes:

“I didn’t realize how much of an impact lashes had until I started working for The Lash Lounge. If every woman I touch leaves with a smile on her face, then I’ve done my job! It’s those smiles that makes this job so rewarding and unlike anything I have ever experienced. It just proves that when we look amazing and really believe that it’s true, our smiles radiate for miles! Lashes do that for people, and I love that I’m changing the world, one lash at a time!”

A Lash Lounge stylist posing in front of salon doors.

Gillian, Senior Stylist from The Lash Lounge Charlotte – Blakeney:

“There are a few things that make me love what I do. First, it’s the ability to truly get to know my guests, then it’s the time I get to catch up and chat with them during their refill appointments every two weeks. Lastly, having the opportunity to ensure that each guest is taking the very best care of their lashes and their investment—that is what I love most about my job!”

Hillary, Stylist from The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops At Legacy:

“For me, the main reason why I love what I do is that I get the incredible opportunity to help people feel good about themselves, give them confidence and see their faces light up when they see how amazing their lashes and brows look after I’ve worked my Lash Lounge magic. That never ever gets old! I also love those final moments before a guest leaves after their appointment and hearing them say, “I FEEL so much better.” That reaction is priceless!”


From the moment a guest walks through our doors to the moment they leave with their new, jaw-dropping GORGEOUS lashes or brows, the staff at each of our salons take pride in not only the skilled services they’re providing, but also the experience each guest takes with her.


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