Lash Extensions and The Lash Lounge: Ingrid’s Shining Light in 2020 and Beyond

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • October 7th, 2022
white woman with a full set of lash extensions from the lash lounge

As we hope for better days to come in 2021, we’re humbly reminded that The Lash Lounge has been a peaceful haven for many during the chaos of 2020.

See what The Lash Lounge Cranston – Chapel View guest, Ingrid, shared about her 2020 saving grace and why she can’t wait to continue her biweekly lash fills into 2021!

Lash Extension Appointments Are Good for Mental Health!

Like most of us this year, Ingrid recognized 2020 was taking an emotional toll on her. While juggling life as a mom of two little ones and the struggles of quarantine, she knew it was more important than ever to be kind to herself.

That’s why she made sure to keep her biweekly lash refill appointments on her schedule. She needed that “me time”:

“It hasn’t been an easy year and just having that hour to myself every couple weeks (without kids!) to do something for ME has been incredible.”

white woman with lash extensions from the lash lounge

A Lasting Lash Life

As she looks forward to the refresh of a new year, she’s certain about what will remain the same: her custom lash extensions and refill visits to The Lash Lounge!

Ingrid LOVES her volume lash extensions. More than anything, she loves the way she feels so welcomed at each and every visit.

“I look forward to my appointment every time! I’ll continue getting my lashes done every 2 weeks and my lash tech Meloiza (and everyone) are incredible!! They are family now and I can’t live without them!!!”

Let a Lash Lounge Near You Be Your Oasis!

If you’re feeling inspired by Ingrid’s love for her custom lashes and local Lash Lounge family, then what are you waiting for? Find a location in your neck of the woods and start your very own Lash Lounge journey!

(PSST…You don’t have to wait for the new year to get started! See how you can save BIG on your first full set of lash extensions now until December 28, 2020.)