Lights, Camera, Lashes: Q&A with Lash Lounge Photoshoot Model, Alleah

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Lash Lounge model posing during a photoshoot in front of a white background.

Picture this: It’s Friday morning, and there’s a foggy haze lingering in the Dallas air as you make your way to The Lash Lounge corporate training center. You arrive, matcha latte in hand, and push through the revolving glass doors, scurrying into the elevator. As you daydream about what being a Lash Lounge model will be like, the bubble of excitement in your stomach grows into full-blown butterflies. The rest of the story? We’ll let Alleah, one of our models, take it from here. 😉

A Little About Alleah

TLL: Where are you from? Alleah: I’m from Chicago, IL!

TLL: What do you do for work? Alleah: I’m a digital content creator and notary public/signing agent.

Alleah, model for The Lash Lounge, posing for videography after her set of lash extensions.

TLL: What are your some of your hobbies and passions?

Alleah: A long standing hobby of mine is bowling, but my passion is being of service to others.

TLL: What’s your regular makeup routine look like?

Alleah: A full beat face: Sculpted brows, wispy lashes, foundation, concealer, blush, contour, bronzer, highlighter, lip liner, gloss/matte lipstick, mascara and eyeliner.

Leading Up to The Big Day

TLL: How did you find out about The Lash Lounge photoshoot?

Alleah: I saw an ad on Instagram and filled out the form!

TLL: What compelled you to apply to be a model?

Alleah: I wanted to be a part of a great cause and The Lash Lounge features women from all ages and backgrounds, so I felt it was only right to participate in an opportunity to add to that.

Anna Phillips, Lash Lounge founder and CIO, lashing Alleah, photoshoot model.

TLL: What were your expectations heading into the photoshoot?

Alleah: I didn’t have any expectations but for myself to put forth my best self for the duration of the shoot.

TLL: Have you had lash extensions before the photoshoot?

Alleah: Yes, my best friend is a lash technician in Dallas.

Behind The Lens (& The Lashes!)

TLL: What was it like to have Anna, the founder of The Lash Lounge, do your lashes?!

Alleah: I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ANNA! She was so kind, compassionate, enlightening, upbeat and has such a knowledge bank of wisdom. I felt like I was in the best hands.

Extreme closeup of bold lash extensions on a brown, female eye.

TLL: How did your first look at your lashes go? Were you stunned?

Alleah: I was starstruck! Starting at level 2, I thought they looked absolutely incredible. So much so that people began coming over wanting to see how my lashes looked too.

TLL: In 3 words, how did your lash extensions make you feel?

Alleah: Beautiful, sexy, top-tier.

TLL: Did you get to know any of the other models during the shoot?

Alleah: I spoke with a few of the other models, and they were just as friendly as the staff for the shoot. Everyone had such an upbeat personality, and I really didn’t have any complaints whatsoever.

TLL: What was the highlight of your experience?

Alleah: Besides the flawless lash set, I really was blown away by how personable The Lash Lounge team was, especially the individuals that served as the photography, videography and hair and makeup teams. From the time I received the initial email to when I posted my own content highlighting my experience, through and through The Lash Lounge photoshoot was an experience I will NEVER forget.

It’s a Wrap!

TLL: Would you recommend The Lash Lounge to others? If so, why?

Alleah: WITHOUT QUESTION! I would recommend The Lash Lounge any time someone is searching for quality, intentional care and an overall lavish experience—the lash nap took the cake!

TLL: Anything else you want to share?

Alleah: I hope that my presence in this shoot aided in the vision sought after by The Lash Lounge team. To be a part of such a great experience was a blessing I needed. I am so grateful and thankful that I was able to share my personality through the images and wish nothing but the best for all of The Lash Lounge locations. I would be more than happy to participate or help in any way in the near future for additional opportunities that may arise. From the content that was posted, I received such an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from people all over. THANK YOU, THE LASH LOUNGE TEAM, YOU’RE LITERALLY THE BEST!

Get Photoshoot-Worthy Lashes of Your Own!

We hope this deep dive into Alleah’s unique Lash Lounge experience inspires YOU to reach out to your local salon and discover a new love for lashes! Oh, and you never know when we might be in search of models in the future—keep your eyes out on social. 😉

PS: Check out Alleah’s Instagram to see some behind the scenes content!