Our 4-Step Eyelash Extension Consultation Process

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  • September 2nd, 2022
A lash stylist from The Lash Lounge putting eyelash extensions on a young woman in pink after the 3-step eyelash extension customization process

No guest, their eye shape or their natural lashes are the same, which is why here at The Lash Lounge we take our lash design consultations very seriously. We want to determine a custom lash style to fit you and your life. How, you ask? See below for details on our 4-step eyelash extension consultation process.

A stylist taking a guest through a consultation for lash extensions at The Lash Lounge

1. Eye Profile

At The Lash Lounge, our licensed stylists are trained and certified on our exclusive lash design technique, developed by our founder, Anna Phillips. Central to this technique is the determination of each guest’s unique eye profile. All eyes fall into 1 of 3 profiles. Fun fact: Each eye can even have a different profile! This eye profile indicates which lash design will best complement their natural features. That means fool-proof, perfect lash design for each eye, every time, personalized for a completely custom lash extension design for every guest!

 2. Lash Curl

Our stylists strive to educate you on which lash curl is best for your unique eyes. We offer 2 different lash curls: C curl and D curl (though some application methods may support additional curls, ask your stylist!).

3. Application Method & Lash Thickness

Then, your stylist will want to know which application method you prefer: classic lashes, hybrid lashes, volume lashes or mega volume lashes.**

4. Longest Length + Lash Thickness

In the final step of the 4-step consultation process, our stylist determines your longest lash length and lash thickness. To do this, they consider the following:

  1. The length of your natural eyelash hair
  2. The condition of that natural eyelash hair
  3. Your desired look. If you request a longer length, your stylist can use a thinner extension lighter in weight that won’t damage the integrity of your natural eyelash hair.

After your stylist has completed the 4-step eyelash extension consultation, they will then complete your custom design code.

Below is an example of how that design code is determined:

Design: Straight, Upward, Downward
Curl: C, D
Length: List the longest lash length selected (i.e. 12mm)
Method: Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume**
Thickness: .06, .07, .10, .15, .18

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*Mega volume lashes available at select salons only.