Recognizing Our Lash Stylists This Thanksgiving!

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Lash Lounge stylists laughing and chatting together

Here at The Lash Lounge, there are SO many things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, including our salon staff! This season and beyond, we’re showing some stylist appreciation. 💜

Thankful for Senior Lash Stylist, Monica

Monica, senior stylist at The Lash Lounge Ann Arbor – Washtenaw and Platt, started her career as a lash stylist in 2021 with her heart set on mastering the art of lashes! 

Lash stylist, Monica, posing in front of salon service area doors.

Her eagerness to learn certainly paid off, as she was recently promoted to the exciting position of senior stylist. This also means she is now certified to do mega volume lash extensions, which she LOVES to do! 🤩 

We all have favorite aspects of our jobs, so what’s Monica’s? “I love helping people discover lashes and customizing them for each person to find their perfect lash look!” Our stylist’s ability to create a custom look for EVERY guest is part of what makes The Lash Lounge experience so unique and personal. We love that Monica finds joy in this important aspect of the lash process!  

If she’s not creating a stunning set of lashes, Monica’s time is spent with her family, her boyfriend and her precious pup—preferably out in nature! 🏕  

Her advice to others in the lash industry: “Focus on the safety of your guest’s lashes before all else! Keeping their lashes healthy is the first priority!” 👏🏽 

Grateful For Our Gifted Lash Stylist, Ahnika

Beginning her lash career in July 2022 at The Lash Lounge Plano – Park and Preston, Ahnika had a desire to challenge herself in the booming lash industry. Since her decision to join The Lash Lounge, she’s grown SO much in her career. “I’ve gained confidence and knowledge on not only applying lash extensions, but overall lash health, and the businesses service cycle!”.

Ahnika is truly guest-service oriented, something that is vital to success as a stylist at The Lash Lounge. “My favorite part about my job is connecting with guests and making them feel like their best self.” Seeing confidence ignite in a guest’s eyes from your work is a feeling like no other! 💜 

Lash stylist, Ahnika, smiling softly in a selfie.

When she’s not completing an eye-popping lash lift and tint at her salon, she loves to hang out with her loved ones and take her cute pup on walks! 🐶  

Ahnika’s advice to others looking to start a career in the lash industry: “Stay consistent with your practice, don’t beat yourself up! You’re not alone in your journey. I once thought it was impossible to finish a full set in 2 hours lol… learning lashes an extremely challenging skill. It takes patience and dedication, but it’s SO worth it!”  

Appreciating Kassidy, Master Lash Stylist

Since starting her lash journey in 2021 with The Lash Lounge Winter Park – New York Ave, Kassidy has reached MAJOR heights as a lash tech. Her determination brought her great success, and in just ONE year she was promoted to master stylist—a testament to not only the quality of her work, but the example she sets for those in the industry! 🙌🏽 

There’s so much that Kassidy loves about her job. “As a master stylist at my salon, I love that I’m able to do a little bit of everything! I’m able to offer every type of service to my guests and am able to help my other stylists with issues that may arise with their guests.”

Lash stylist, Kassidy, smiling in front of The Lash Lounge light up sign.

Her love also extends to the services she completes! “My favorite lash application would have to be classic sets, definitely! There is just something so simple and beautiful about a classic set. They’re just truly “classic”, can’t beat ‘em!” 

When she’s not making lash magic happen, Kassidy can be found spending quality time with her family (she’s the youngest of SEVEN girls!), or cuddling with her two cats, Jasper and Phoebe. 😻 

As far as tips for other lash stylists, this is what she shared: “Remember to take care of yourself and your body! While we love taking care of our clients, we often forget to take care of ourselves.”  

Kassidy’s PASSION for lashes is crystal clear, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have her be a part of The Lash Lounge family! 💜  

The Lash Lounge Gives Thanks

Beyond this season of showing thanks, we are always so very thankful for what each and every one of our certified lash technicians brings to The Lash Lounge. The hard work, value and passion they bring to our salons is PRICELESS and we couldn’t do it without them!