Treat Yo’ Self to a Lash Extension Membership

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  • July 26th, 2023
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Consider a Lash Lounge Membership this Holiday!

Gift season is here, and you deserve to feel the love, too! 💝 When picking the perfect gift for yourself, we recommend finding something that helps you feel like the best version of yourself all season long and beyond.

That’s why we’re OBSESSED with our membership program. We might be a little biased, but that’s just because we know how awesome it is. It’s the perfect gift to help you look and feel great. And better yet, you can gift a membership to yourself!

You Deserve to Treat Yourself

Making yourself a priority is essential for your well-being—especially during the holiday season when life can feel hectic. Regardless of what keeps you busy, we know you work hard and DESERVE to relax and experience a little joy.

One of our favorite treat-yourself gifts is something that provides self-care AND something that will leave you feeling great, inside, and out. That’s why everyone should know about The Lash Lounge membership program!

Services from The Lash Lounge help you look your best, feel gorgeous and allow you to exude confidence and positivity.

Why You’ll Love Our Lash Membership

A membership at The Lash Lounge allows you (or your lucky giftee) to take advantage of exclusive discounts on ALL our products and services, including our fan-favorite perk: two lash refills a month.

When you choose lash extensions from The Lash Lounge, you’re receiving premium-quality synthetic lashes that are double heat rolled to ensure a lasting curl. PLUS, our stylists are expertly trained to customize your lashes, helping you to achieve your perfect lash look.

3 Reasons to LOVE a Membership Gift to The Lash Lounge

  1. Get members-only discounts—Ten percent off all services AND products along with discounts on two lash fills every month? Yes, please! A Lash Lounge membership makes it easy to keep up with  favorite services and even try new ones!
    If you’re a long-time fan of eyebrow threading for well-shaped brows, try pairing that with an eyebrow tint. Trying both services will complement your features and define plus contour your brows.
  2. Keep your lash and brows looking flawless—Once you’ve visited The Lash Lounge, you just might be hooked when you see how beautifully shaped your brows are AND how lush and full your lashes look. Because your lash and brow hairs shed over time (like any other hair on your body), a fill, threading or tint can’t last forever. That’s why a lash extension membership is essential to keep up the gorgeous look.
    Our discounts are the icing on the cake to the 1) professional stylists you get to work with and 2) the premium products we use. The discounts just make getting your services done even sweeter. 💜
  3. Ensure some relaxation and me-time—A visit to The Lash Lounge doesn’t just leave you feeling beautiful, your time there is also great for recharging and focusing on yourself. Just pick the services you want, and our stylists will TAKE IT FROM THERE!

Tell The Special People in Your Life About Lash Lounge Memberships

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From friends to family, we all know someone who needs to do something for themselves. This is the very reason why you need to spread the membership news so those people can treat themselves for the holidays or plan to sign up for the new year!

Lash extensions might sound glamorous (they can certainly make you feel like a movie star) but more importantly, lash extensions make you feel like the best version of yourself. Makeup lovers and minimalists alike LOVE lash extensions. They save time, energy, and money on short-lived products.

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Tell your mom, your sister, aunt, or bestie about memberships at The Lash Lounge! A little TLC will help them look FABULOUS and they will get to enjoy discounted services and products all year long.

The best part? A Lash Lounge membership can be the gift that keeps on giving year after year. 🎁

How Are You Treating Yourself This Holiday Season?

During holiday gatherings and gift-giving, don’t forget to share the joy with yourself, too! Make 2023 the year of treating yourself with luscious lashes and brows while enjoying relaxing trips to our salons! 🌟