10 Ways to Empower Yourself—Self-empowerment Tips

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  • March 28th, 2024
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Feeling self-empowered is key to being assertive and in control over your choices! But, it can be tricky to build up the courage to feel empowered and make good decisions for yourself.

Don’t worry! We’re here with self-empowerment tips to help you take control and make positive decisions. Whether you feel empowered by spending time with good friends, or through self-affirmations, we encourage you to practice the things that make you feel powerful and in control of yourself. From there, you can make positive choices that make you feel your best, from taking care of your physical and mental health to putting yourself first with a beautiful set of lash extensions. 💗

What Does “Empowered” Mean?

To be empowered means having the courage to make your own choices and take control of a situation. It means you can put your inner strength and enthusiasm toward yourself and your voice. Here, we’re focusing on some different ways you can take charge and make positive decisions for yourself with self-empowerment.

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How to Empower Yourself

1. Find a new passion or hobby – Whether it’s art, journaling, fashion, reading, jogging or anything else that sparks your interest, find something you love and care about. Spending time doing something you feel excited about and accomplishing new goals will increase feelings of purpose and fulfillment. 📚
2. Take action – Empowered people come up with an action plan to accomplish the task at hand, and ask for help when needed. Take action to solve your problems or make your goals a reality! This will make you feel more independent and empowered through your ability to take ownership of your actions.
3. Be kind – Be kind to yourself. Skip negative self-talk and give yourself a break when you’re tired. Take a bath. Make a sweet treat when you want one. Self-kindness is different from self-indulgence. It can blossom into self-love from which self-empowerment can grow.

4. Tidy up – “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin. By clearing out mental and physical clutter, you make room for new ideas and plans.
5. Set achievable goals – While there’s nothing wrong with having big, lofty goals, be sure you’re setting reasonable ones that you can accomplish. Long-term goals stretch the path to success. Instead, smaller goals that eventually lead to you accomplishing a larger one will build your confidence and help empower you daily.
6. Raise others up and expand your horizons – None of us can be successful without the help of others. Take time to mentor and learn from those around you. Attend speaking engagements or conferences. Be a supportive friend. By opening yourself up to meeting new people, your circle of friends will grow. As you begin to have more empathy for the people in your life, others will in turn be there for you through good times and bad.
7. Let go of negativity – Don’t sweat the small things in life. Surround yourself with positive people to help yourself keep an optimistic mindset. We absorb other people’s negativity. That’s why it’s good to avoid negative or toxic energy that brings you down and makes you feel like you’re not capable. Love yourself enough to keep negative people from affecting you.

8. Have a self-care day – Take one day of the week (or at least a few hours) to binge that Netflix series you’ve been eyeing, catch up on some sleep or take a bubble bath. Feeling rejuvenated and relaxed will make you more productive for the rest of the week. (One of the BEST self-care activities is getting your lashes done. Not only does a lash extension service give you a little time for a much-needed lash nap, but it also instills you with a boost of confidence in your look as you enjoy long and full lash lines.)

9. Use positive self-talk – Keep yourself focused on the great aspects of your life! Rather than focusing on things you don’t have or can’t do, remind yourself of your many positive attributes

10. Embrace failure – When trying new things or taking a risk, failure is always a possibility. Rather than getting down on yourself when you fail, or becoming unduly averse to new risks, remind yourself that failure always gives you a chance to learn about yourself and the world and grow into a stronger, even more empowered person.

Look Out World! The Self-empowered YOU is Here to Stay

Try one, or ALL, of our tips for feeling empowered. Find what works best for your mindset. For some, leaning on loved ones is the key to success, while others find that working on themselves internally first is the best way to grow confidence and make decisions.

For us, when we feel beautiful on the outside, it helps us feel stronger mentally! That’s where lash and brow services from The Lash Lounge can be your bestie. Let our services help you feel confident and gorgeous to give you a leg up as you work towards feeling even more empowered. 💓