3 Lash Extension Care Tips to Keep Them In Tip-Top Shape

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  • May 18th, 2023
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Want to get the most out of your lash extensions and keep them looking great until your next lash fill appointment? 🙋🏻 We knew it!

Built into your membership at The Lash Lounge are two lash refill appointments per month. This is a time when your stylist will assess, replace and refresh your extensions, including any that have naturally shed. But the question remains: What can you do to keep them in tip-top shape in-between appointments? Let’s find out!

Keep Your Lashes Longer with Proper Lash Extension Care

Aside from keeping them clean and visiting your local salon for routine refill appointments, you can do some simple things to keep that lash line full and healthy.

We sat down with one of our corporate stylist trainers to serve up this batch of lash extension tips for beginners and beyond.🤩

If you have an itch, rub your eyes … but safely.

If there’s anything you want to limit with lash extensions, it’s friction. Extensive rubbing can cause them to fall off prematurely. But sometimes, there’s no avoiding it. We’re here with some simple tricks to do so carefully … without losing any of those beloved lashes or that fabulous fullness!

How to Rub Your Eyes with Eyelash Extensions

  • Refrain from rubbing your full eye and lash line and, instead, slightly rub your eyelid in a soft, circular motion to alleviate the itch.
  • Grab a lash wand and give your lashes a gentle brush until the itch is gone.

Keep your lash extensions away from heat

Heat + lash extensions = bad news. ❌🔥 Always pay attention to how close you’re getting your lash extensions (and yes, even your natural lashes) to any kind of heat source. Your lashes can get singed, end up looking clumpy or misshapen and the high heat can even cause your synthetic eyelash extensions to melt—yikes!

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Even mild heat near your extensions for too long can impact the lash adhesive and weaken the bond, leading your lashes to shed sooner than you want.

The biggest heat source culprit we see impacting lashes is the hair dryer. We get it; blow-drying is a must for most of our guests. If you swear by a good blowout, implementing the following precautions will keep your lashes heat- and harm-free:

  • Put the hair dryer on a low heat setting. We know it might take a little longer, but it will be better for your lashes AND even your hair!
  • Flip your head upside-down and dry your hair. This will keep the heat that’s blowing directly onto your face and eyes to a minimum.
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Avoid certain eye moisturizers with lash extensions

Most of us are ALL about moisturizing our skin, including near our eye area. Just know this: moisturizers with alcohol are not safe to apply near the eye or lash line because they can break down the extension’s adhesive.

What does an extension-safe facial moisturizer consist of? They’re typically free of alcohol, oil and are water-based.

We suggest switching to an extension-safe facial moisturizer and following these tips for a safer application:

  • Be strategic about where you place creams and moisturizers and don’t literally rub all over your face and eyes.
  • Apply your moisturizer by gently rubbing it evenly under the eye. We suggest avoiding the eyelid entirely since the product can make its way down to your lash line.
  • Try not to sleep right after applying moisturizers with alcohol or oil to avoid accidentally moving the cream toward your lashes.

Studies have shown that two weeks of repetitive actions can turn into a habit. So, try to implement this moisturizing method for a couple of weeks straight. You’ll have a new-and-improved routine in no time! 👍🏾

How to Moisturize Eyelids with Eyelash Extensions

We get it, sometimes you need to add a little moisturizer to your eyelids. If you must, make sure to use an oil-free cream to keep any oils from creeping down to your lash line and jeopardizing the adhesive. We also recommend using a moisturizing gel because gels dry faster than creams and will be less likely to impact your lovely lashes. (Great tip, right?)

Refill Appointments + High-Quality Eyelash Extension Care

There, the secret is out! 👀 Proper lash aftercare all comes down to gently caring for your extensions and using the right products correctly. With our lash extension care tips, aftercare is a breeze.

Whether you’re thinking about getting your first set of extensions or you’re heading into your tenth refill appointment, The Lash Lounge is always here to educate you to keep your lashes looking their best 24/7! 🌟