All New Retail Hits Lash Salon Shelves!

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  • August 29th, 2022
Retail products and accessories from The Lash Lounge featuring lash care, skincare, cosmetics and accessories

If you follow The Lash Lounge on social media, then you’ve probably gotten a glimpse of our new retail products. If not, allow us to introduce you to what’s hitting our lash salons’shelves—everything from lash care to skincare, cosmetics, accessories and more!

NEW Lash Care (to Cleanse and Protect Your Eyelash Extensions)

Because we know how much you LOVE your lashes, The Lash Lounge has developed all new lash care products formulated to gently cleanse and protect your eyelash extensions.

Lash Care retail line featuring 4 products from The Lash Lounge

Lash Detox Foaming Cleansers: Used to gently cleanse your lash line, Lash Detox, our two LASH DETOX Foaming Cleansers are enriched with natural extracts. Our Unscented formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin (it has a soothing golden chamomile extract 🌿) and our Tea Tree formula 🌱 provides a calm cleansing experience. Use 1–2x/day.

One final detail: The Tea Tree formula works beautifully for those with allergy-prone eyes.

Lash Armor: Heard of a lash sealant? That’s just what our Lash Armor is! It works to provide a layer of protection for your natural lashes while extending the life of the adhesive which locks the extensions in place for a longer period of time. Our new Lash Armor includes not one but TWO options: Crystal and Onyx. Each formula contain vitamins and extracts to protect, seal and strengthen your lashes.

Our Crystal formula is a clear protective coating, great for those who prefer to keep an ultra-natural lash look. Infused with gardenia Florida fruit extract, our Onyx formula is perfect for those who prefer a deep yet natural-looking black hue along their lash line.

No matter which one you choose, this product will keep your lashes strong and will protect them from daily elements.

Tip: Use Lash Armor 3x a week for optimal results.

The Lash Lounge’s NEW Skincare Line

Along with caring for your lashes, your skin is a priority, too…which is why we’re delighted to dish out details on our new skincare products!

skincare products from The Lash Lounge

Gel Eye Makeup Remover: With the same pH as natural tears, our GEL EYE MAKEUP REMOVER is designed to gently remove any trace of makeup around the eyes, brows and face. It also contains soy protein to provide anti-aging benefits and can be used with our Lint-Free Wipes. ⤵️

Tip: This product can last up to 3+ months when used daily.

Lint-Free Wipes: Ultra-absorbent to easily remove makeup, our LINT-FREE WIPES are
100% natural cotton and don’t leave annoying fibers (like other wipes often do) behind.

Inside Scoop: We also love 💜 the fact a single wipe can be paired with one of our Lash Detox foaming cleansers!

Cosmetics retail line featuring new mascara and from The Lash Lounge

New Lash Extension-Friendly Cosmetics

When you want to add an extra somethin’ somethin’ to your lash look, we’ve got you covered with all new cosmetics!

Amplify + Extend Mascara Duo: This eyelash extension-friendly mascara combines the best of both worlds: length AND volume in one single tube! Enriched with keratin and collagen, our AMPLIFY + EXTEND MASCARA is a smudge-free, flake-free formula, PLUS, it’s paraben-free and gluten-free.

Fierce Liquid-Liner: Delivering an ultra-black satin finish that stays all day 🙌🏽, our FIERCE LIQUID-LINER is safe for lash extensions. It has a point felt tip to help you create the most beautiful precise line. Like our other products, it’s gentle for even the most sensitive eyes and is paraben- and gluten-free…plus vegan!

Accessories retail items featuring new gifts and swag from The Lash Lounge

NEW Accessories and Gifts Await at our Lash Salons

Obsessed with having all you need to keep your sacred beauty regimen on point? Get your hands on these accessories and gifts when you browse our lash salon retail shelves:

• Eyelash Cleansing Brush and Barrel
• LED Compact Mirror
• Crystal Lash Wand (with cap)
• 3D Contoured Sleep Mask
• Mascara Brush (with cap)
• Spa Headband
• Holographic Cosmetic Bag

Oh, The Options That Await at The Lash Lounge!

From our lash and brow services down to our retail products, we love 💜 offering OPTIONS to our guests! This is why we’ve paired items from our new retail line to fit the needs of everyone—from first-time guests to lifelong members! Just ask your stylist which ones work for you!

The next time you visit your local Lash Lounge, get up close and personal with these pretty new products and get ready to #LoveYourLashes, your skin and your beauty routine like never before!