Black-Owned Beauty Brands: How To Support Them

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As we celebrate and honor Black History Month, we urge you to join us as we share a few of our favorite Black-owned beauty businesses AND simple ways to support them and any others you know and love!

4 Female Black-Owned Beauty Brands To Know

1. LYS Beauty

Founded by a makeup artist, LYS Beauty was born by Tisha Thompson. With a passion for “clean” beauty, Tisha created her line of cosmetics with long-wear in mind. Another important thing to Tisha was that her line would be affordable (we’re talking #30 or less!).

What We Love: LYS stands for “Love Yourself”! As a company who also adopts and preaches the very same message, we adore the meaning behind this brand’s name.

With a variety of skincare and makeup that comes in a variety of shades and coverage levels, LYS Beauty is one to buy, try AND love.

2. adwoa beauty

Sold only at Sephora or their website, adwoa beauty was started by Julian Addo who at just 14, became a hairstylist! This haircare brand not only offers shampoos, conditioners, leave-in products and more, but it’s award winning for its quality.

What We Love: All adwoa products for the hair are non-toxic, which  is so important when it comes to beauty, hair or any personal care product for that matter! The products are also gender neutral. (How cool is that?!?)

From taming frizz and tangles to deep conditioning those locks, adwoa beauty is no doubt a brand you’re bound to love!

3. The Lip Bar

Melissa Butler was tired of the same, lackluster and toxic options she was seeing from the beauty industry. With few options that appealed to her, she had an idea and rolled with it. It didn’t happen overnight and she was actually rejected on the hit show Shark Tank. But Melissa persevered and her creation, The Lip Bar, took off. What started as lipstick only grew—today it includes other cosmetics as well as skincare!

What We Love: TLB was founded and is currently owned by women of color. Their products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and includes non-toxic ingredients.

If you’re looking for cosmetics designed for your skintone, TLB is a must and is a one stop shop for ALL your cosmetic plus skincare needs!

4. Habit Cosmetics

With a passion for plant-based living, Aja Frierson had a dream to build a brand in the beauty space. In 2013 she did just that with Habit Cosmetics and from there it grew. The brand is largely known for their nail colors, however they also offer multi-use products for the face. Non-toxic and a colorful collection of 60+ polishes, the nail products offer beautiful hues that are safe AND includes ingredients to improve nail strength.

What We Love: Along with being vegan and cruelty-free, Habit Cosmetics ensures that their packaging is sustainable using recycled packaging and limiting the use of plastics as much as possible.

If you love to live a colorful, clean life, Habit Cosmetics has your name ALL over it!

While we could go on and on (and on!) and share even more businesses by Black owners, let’s look at how you can support them so their businesses continue to thrive!

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How To Support Black-Owned Businesses

Making a purchase from a Black-owned business is absolutely a way of supporting them, but there are even more ways to show them the love. See below for 6 ways to show support!

  1. Follow their social media accounts (and interact!)
  2. When you make a purchase, leave them a review.
  3. Be a repeat customer (hello, brand loyalty!)
  4. Love being in front of the camera? Take photos of your products then tag them on social.
  5. Do a makeup tutorial…if you’re into that sort of thing. Then tag them in that, too!
  6. Share content from their social pages to yours.

If you do one or all of these things, the impact you’ll be making for a Black-owned business will be huge!

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