How To Get Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions

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close-up of woman's eye with classic lash extensions

If a natural lash look is your vibe, see how you can get natural-looking eyelash extensions that are subtle yet make you SHINE! 💫

Eyelash Styling: Getting The Look You Want

Want an inside scoop? Here at The Lash Lounge, we have never and will never apply lash extensions the same way on each guest. The beauty of our proprietary training and teachings that our founder, Anna Phillips, implemented includes a custom lash look for EVERYONE. We all have different eye and face shapes, therefore a unique lash look to enhance the unique eyes and features of our guests is a MUST!

The moral of the story: Eyelash styling at The Lash Lounge is CUSTOMIZED! This allows for each guest to get the look they want, whether oh-so natural or full glam! And it doesn’t stop there! If you start with a subtle look then decide later you want to take it up a notch, we got you! Since we see our guests every 2 weeks for lash refills, this gives you time to chat with your stylist and assess if you want to stick with or change your current lash look.

woman getting a lash application

How To Get Natural Lash Extensions

If you think natural and eyelash extensions seem like an oxymoron, we get how some could think that. However, allow us to de-bunk and deliver a lash truth: Eyelash extensions ARE possible when you want a natural look!

Our rec for getting natural-looking eyelash extensions is selecting our classic application. This involves attaching one lash extension to a single, natural lash. Applying extensions across the lash line this way will provide a clean and classic look that will leave people thinking you naturally have a lovely lash line!

Another tip: Opt for “level 1” when selecting your lash level to keep that au-Naturale look that’s so beloved among classic lashes. Our lash levels determine the fullness factor of your extensions—so the lower the level, the more subtle the look.

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Keeping Your Natural Lashes Healthy

Another common misconception about lash extensions is that they can damage your natural eyelashes. Here’s the scoop: When lash extensions are applied properly by someone who has had proper, extensive training (like we require at our salons) your natural lashes won’tbe harmed.

Another thing to know is that you (yes, YOU!) must also do your part when you have extensions! Whether you have the most subtle lash extensions or a full set of volume, you could risk damaging your natural lash line if you don’t care for them properly.

Eyelash extensions ARE low maintenance, you simply must keep them clean, combed and safe! (No picking, tugging or pulling either!) We make it easy for you with our aftercare kit that has ALL you need to protect your lashes at home.

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Natural Lash Extensions Await!

If a boost to your lash line has been a dream for you but you’re addemate about having a natural look, we got you! 😉

Ready to chat about your lash goals and the customizable options we offer? Book your appointment today! After you get your first full set, tag us in a photo on social media so we can oooh and aaah right along with you!