Length or Fullness: Which is More Important in Lash Extensions

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Want the best of both worlds when it comes to your lashes? See details on lash lengths, fullness and how to get the look you want!

Discussing Lash Lengths and Fullness With Your Stylist

If you’re worried about showing up to your first lash appointment and being expected to know exactly what you want, don’t be. That’s what we’re here for! At your first appointment, your stylist will discuss options with you, including eyelash extension lengths and how full of a lash line you’re looking for. Whether you have naturally short eyelashes or long lashes, whatever look you have your heart set on, The Lash Lounge is here to help you achieve your lash goals! 💜

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When you get asked about length vs fullness during your consultation, your stylist will take this info and assess if the application you initially booked is the right one for the look you desire. If it is, you’re all set. If not, your stylist will share the application details that will help you achieve your desired look.

For example, if you booked a “classic: level 1” full set (what we also call our starter full set!), but it doesn’t align with the fullness you want, your stylist may suggest a couple options like:

• Going with a “classic: level 2 or 3”
• Switching to another application such as hybrid, volume or mega volume

At this time, your stylist may show you additional examples from our Lash Catalog so you can see with your own eyes 👀 the difference in fullness you get at each lash level, as well as the fullness offered in other applications. They will also share the price difference with these options.

Eyelash Extension Length (For You Long Lash Lovers!)

If length is what you find yourself swooning over, here’s how we’ll help you get eyelash extension length AND what to know if the length is close but not exact to what you hoped for.

When discussing length with your stylist, they will assess the length of your natural lash hairs.

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This is done to ensure that your natural lashes can hold extensions in the length you desire. If your stylist feels that the length you want is a bit much for your lash line, they will recommend another length to get you as close to the look you want as possible.

PRO TIP: If your natural lashes need some love, we highly recommend using a lash serum…even WITH eyelash extensions! Using a serum regularly like neuLASH Professional™ can help you get your natural lashes where you want them to be so your stylist can get your extensions to the length you want!

Learn more about this product here and purchase at your local Lash Lounge salon!

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The Perfect Pair: Lash Length and Fullness

If you love having a full AND long lash line, both are possible! Just as we mentioned above, these are things you will discuss with your stylist during the consultation process. If achieving both fullness and length doesn’t align with the original service you booked, they will share application options and customizations that can get you that look, then you can decide!

Custom Lash Creations from The Lash Lounge

When you visit one of our salons, rest assured knowing that our stylists implement a proprietary process when they work their lash magic!

This involves multiple things, but when it comes to eyelash extension lengths, we apply various lengths throughout your lash line to mimic the growth of your natural lash hairs. This will add just the right amount of texture and fullness so that when your 2-week refill appointment arrives, your lashes will not seem sparse. 🙌

Ready to discover Lash Lounge customization? We can’t wait to work with you!