Brow Lamination Aftercare: Everything You Need To Know!

  • Published
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  • February 5th, 2024
closeup of woman combing her eyebrows

It FINALLY happened! You got your eyebrows laminated. 🙌🏽 But now what? See our eyebrow lamination aftercare  tips so you can keep those beauties looking on point and prettier than ever!*

What Is Brow Lamination?

If you’re new to the brow lamination game, don’t worry we got you! 💪🏽 A brow lamination, or brow perm, is a non-invasive brow smoothing treatment  that softens and repositions your natural brow hairs to create a fuller and smoother, yet natural look with minimal maintenance after the service.

For more information about the service itself, check out our blog that covers brow lamination from A to Z. 😉

After Brow Lamination: The First 24 Hours

First things first, be sure to arrive to your appointment at The Lash Lounge with a clean, makeup-free face. That means your brows, too!  🫧 And if you’ve recently had a brow lamination service somewhere else, please be sure to share that with your stylist.

After your brow lamination appointment, there are some things you need to know and not do during the first 24 hours. DON’T:

  • Touch or rub your eyebrows.
  • Get your brows wet—this includes showering, swimming, and even sweating.
  • Lie face down while sleeping.

Can You Wear Makeup After Brow Lamination? 

When it comes to wearing makeup after a brow lamination, here’s the deal. To ensure you get the gorgeous results you want, it’s a good idea to stay away from wearing makeup, especially on and very close to your brows. 🙅🏽‍♀️ After that first 24 hours,  you can apply any makeup, as well as creams, oils and even self-tanner!

To be safe, try and schedule your appointment on a day you can take it easy and chill at home makeup-free. This way you won’t have to worry about putting on makeup and possibly affecting the results of your brow lamination.

Lash Detox foaming cleanser and brush resting on a bath towel

Breezy Brow Lamination Aftercare

Once the 24-hour period after your brow lamination has passed, let the aftercare routine begin! The best part: it’s SO easy.

  • Simply cleanse your brows daily with an oil-free cleanser, (our Lash Detox foaming cleanser and brush works great!) gently rubbing in the direction of the hair pattern of your brows.
  • Then comb your brows to keep them in place. (Our crystal lash wand works wonders for combing eyebrows!)

See? Told you it was easy breezy. 😉

Sexy Brows Made Simple

Whether you’re about to jump on the brow lamination bandwagon or you’ve already invested in this brow service, the benefits and aftercare will keep your new brows looking b-e-a-u-tiful  for up to 6 weeks! No fuss. Only exquisite eyebrows!

Considering brow lamination? The Lash Lounge is here to help!  ⤵️

*Brow lamination offered at select salons only. Contact your local Lash Lounge for availability.