How to Keep (And Enjoy) Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Already feeling anxious about trying to stick to those New Year’s resolutions? 🤷🏽 Don’t! See our tips for keeping and enjoying them all year long! 👇🏽

Set Attainable Goals

Reaching for the stars in 2022? Your determination is inspiring! Just remember to be realistic with your goals. Don’t set resolutions that are near impossible to reach. Set ones you know you CAN nail—even if they’re challenging and may take a while. When you’re realistic and kind to yourself, oh how far you’ll go!

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Don’t Get Bored

If your resolution is one that could get monotonous, change it up! It’s so easy to experience burnout when you grow tired of the same ol’ same ol’.

Here are some ideas to beat the boredom:

  • Change your scenery: if walking 2 miles a day is your goal, don’t take the same route every day. Throw a different path or place in the mix! 🏃🏽‍♀️
  • Invite a friend to join you: Whether it’s a fitness goal, home project, meal planning—anything—ask someone you’re close with to join you. You’ll be surprised how much having a sidekick can help! (And you just might be helping them out, too!) 👯‍♀️
  • Do a little research: If you grow bored with what you’re doing, take to ol’ faithful: the internet. Google what it is you’re doing. See if there are other ways to do it. See what things you can incorporate into the task to keep things interesting and fresh. Sometimes, we all need a little inspo! (Hello, Instagram and Pinterest!) 💻

 Keep a Progress Journal

It sounds so simple, but keeping up with your progress and celebrating even the smallest of victories can do wonders for staying on track. Whether you literally log your progress the old-fashioned way in a journal, keep notes in your phone or use an app, keep track of what you’re doing. And if you miss a day, don’t sweat it! 😅Just start again the next day and go back and log what you can remember you accomplished the day before.

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Go Easy on Yourself

Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day! Growing stronger, reaching that goal, figuring out what works for YOU—none of it happens overnight. You might fall one day; you might not be 100% the next day. It’s all OKAY! If you have an “off” day, try again the following day. Simply show up, do your best and give yourself some grace. This is key 🔑 to making those resolutions stick!

New Year. New You. New Lashes, Too!

Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish or improve in the new year, take one or all these tips along with you. Each one will not only assist with reaching those goals, but they’ll help you enjoy them along the way!

And if one of your new year, new you aspirations is a new look, The Lash Lounge would love to welcome you and help you crush any and all goals you have for your lashes and brows! 🙌🏼😉