See Her Shine!

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  • May 16th, 2022
close-up of woman eye with lash extensions

When a woman embraces all that makes her unique, is confident in those differences and celebrates other women along the way, she SHINES!

At The Lash Lounge, we are honored to help women translate that inner shine to their lash lines, with custom lash extensions that best complement their natural beauty and unique style.

That’s where our new campaign, “See Her Shine,” comes in. Read on to see how you can add some shine to your life and the life of the special women around you.

Inside and Out, SEE HER SHINE!

Do you know what the world could use more of? Women of all colors, shapes, sizes, ages and cultures who SHINE bright both inside and out!

woman holding mirror to admire her new lashes

4 Ways a Woman Can Shine

1. Believe in being unique. As a woman, one of the best things you can believe in is the fact that being who YOU are IS beautiful. But know this: It does not happen overnight. You must work at it to truly see, then embrace with open arms, those unique qualities that only you possess. When you can do this, there is no doubt you will SHINE.

What might surprise you is this light—the one only you can emit—will be admired by those around you.

2. Be confident in your differences. Do you know what would be so boring? If we lived in a world where everyone was the same. No differences—just carbon copies of each other. Not only would that be sad, but that one-of-a-kind light that makes each of us different would be forever dim.

THIS is the very reason you need to embrace and be confident in ALL that makes you different. And yes, that means growing to accept the things you may have a hard time admiring about yourself. You don’t have to love those things necessarily but be confident in the fact that they make YOU the shining star you are!

3. Celebrate other women. It’s the best feeling when someone recognizes you, takes the time to truly see you and celebrate all that makes you who you are! Take a moment to think about this and what that feels like.

It’s unlike anything else, right? But know what’s even better? When you take the time to celebrate the women who inspire YOU. Share with them that the very essence of who they are and what makes them different is inspiring to you.

If we ALL took the time to outwardly celebrate the women in our lives, it would be contagious and woman after woman would pay it forward. Can you imagine just how BRIGHT this world would be then?

4. SEE YOUR OWN SHINE! And how it IS an inspiration!

When you can truly embrace who you are and own it, there will be a shine about you others WILL see.

You may have no clue that your friends or that woman behind you in the market may be gazing at you and thinking, “Wow, there’s something about her.” Maybe it’s the confident pep in your step, maybe it’s the warm smile you radiate to others, maybe it’s just an aura about you. Whatever it is, when let your shine radiate, YOU will be an inspiration to others. And most of the time, you won’t even know it. Talk about a beautiful thing!

Let Your Lash Line Shine

At The Lash Lounge, it is a complete honor to know we have a hand in helping our guests shine on the outside, too. Yes, we’re talking about lash extensions. But what’s really magical is how those new lashes refuel their inner shine.

How do we know this? We get a front-row seat to the shining moments in our salon. We get to witness those epic first-look moments—the beaming smiles on our guests faces when they see their new lash extensions for the first time. We tear up when they share how they FEEL after every visit and how our services boost their confidence. That makes what we do count; when your lash line shines, so do you! ✨

Stay Tuned and Shine On!

The heart and soul of our “See Her Shine” campaign are our guests. Their lives, their lash lines and their stories are why this campaign was born. We’re excited to share more of your SHINE soon!

Until then…