Beauty Treatments That Are Worth the Investment

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  • May 9th, 2022
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Invest in Your Look!

When it comes to self-care and beauty treatments, nothing is more important than finding the services that help you feel like the best version of YOU! We’ve crafted a list of beauty treatment services that will do just that!

Professional beauty services are truly investments in yourself because they help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals and, ultimately, make you feel FABULOUS 💕. Some, including those offered by The Lash Lounge, even save you valuable time.

See below for what’s calling YOUR name for beauty goals. ✔️

Why are Beauty Treatments Worth the Money?

Apart from helping you look and feel your best, scheduling professional beauty treatments trims down your daily routine and can save you from spending boo coo bucks on products. 💸

Investing in beauty treatments have benefits such as:

  • They save you time—Investing in yourself with services that give you long-lasting results can save you time during your daily “getting ready” routine. (We all need that, right?)
  • You could purchase fewer products—Is your makeup bag full of costly products like mascara and moisturizer that you have to replace too often or expire before you even finish them? There are services that can keep you from spending too much on these products.
  • You’ll look AND feel so good—Working with a professional is the best way to get the results you want so you can look and feel 💯. We’ve all had those days where our mascara doesn’t look quite right, and we wish our lashes were fuller and fluffier. When you work with a beauty professional (like the stylists we have at The Lash Lounge) you can trust that you will get the results you want.

What Beauty Treatments Should I Invest In?

Knowing which beauty treatments ARE worth the investment is key but can also vary depending on your beauty goals. This is the very reason why we’ve created a diverse list of treatments that we know to be beneficial and valuable!

See our list below for some of the best beauty treatments to invest in and think about the services that are right for you! 👍🏽

Eyebrows Services For Effortless Brow Beauty

  • Eyebrow tinting—If you find yourself reaching for brow pencils or wishing for thicker brows, eyebrow tinting could be the treatment for you!

When you visit The Lash Lounge, a stylist will work with you to find the perfect color that complements your hair and skin tone, making your brows look full and natural with ZERO effort each morning.

lash stylist performing a brow service on a male guest
  • Eyebrow threading—If you are ready to say goodbye to eyebrow plucking and waxing, you’re not alone and we can’t recommend eyebrow threading enough!

For this eyebrow service, our stylists will help you find the right shape that perfectly accentuates your features while also keeping your brows looking fresh without the hassle of DIY brow shaping at home.

Eyelash Services That UP Your Look

  • Lash extensions—For the ultimate customizable lash service to obtain a fuller lash line and rich, natural color without a stick of makeup, eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge are it!

The best part: you can go as natural or as bold as your natural lash line allows because at our salons, our stylist are trained to help you discover and determine all of the application details such as the application method,  lash level and curl. Selecting each detail will provide you with the flawless lashes of your dreams.

Two more lash services to consider:

  • Lash tint—Do you have fine lashes that don’t leave you with the rich lash look you really want? Or are your lashes extra light and dull requiring you to cake on the mascara to give them definition? You’re not alone! At The Lash Lounge we’ll help you find the perfect shade to tint and complement your features. The result: maintenance-free color for up to four weeks! (Talk about a time-saver!)
  • Lash lift—If you’re tired of those pesky eyelash curlers or mascaras that claim to leave you with a lasting curl (we’ve all been duped 🙄)—only for the curl to disappear after an hour, then a lash lift is calling YOUR name! A lash lift service from The Lash Lounge can last up to eight weeks. Believe us: you’ll thank yourself for investing in this beauty service as you wake up each morning to PERFECTLY curled lashes.
  • BONUS—You CAN get a lash lift WITH a tint for an even more flawless, natural-looking and maintenance-free lash appearance.
close-up of African American woman with lash extensions and green facial mask

With these being our favorite services for beauty maintenance and self-care, we look forward to welcoming you to our salons! For other beauty services that fall outside of our lash and brow favs, here are our other go-tos:

Let Yourself Relax With a Facial and Massage ✨

  • Custom facial, glowing skin—If you’re thinking of getting a facial, don’t get just any facial, get a skincare workout! This will customize a facial just for you and the needs of YOUR skin! This facial can exfoliate, hydrate your skin, target dark spots, focus on hyperpigmentation and more!
  • TIP: To really see changes in the health and glow of your skin, get a facial monthly!
  • Relax and rejuvenate with a massage—Treating yourself to a massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself. It’s also the perfect way to reduce stress, care for your muscles, alleviate pain and anxiety—the list could go on. One last benefit we love: a massage can even help you get a better night’s sleep! 😴

Love Your Locks With These Hair Services

  • Blowouts—One of the easiest ways to show yourself some self-care while keeping up with your beauty maintenance is by getting your hair professionally styled. Getting a blowout once every 2-3 weeks is a great way to keep your hair style on point and, if your hair will hold it, a fresh blowout can last you a few extra days between shampoos. Another time-saver to love!
  • Hair color and highlights—When it comes to the hue of your hair, don’t be afraid to try something new! Chat with your hair stylist about hair colors and what would look best on you. Highlights or lowlights are other great options for adding a subtle change that will make your hair and overall look shine! 🌠
  • Deep conditioning—If you commonly apply heat, such as a curling iron to your hair, this can cause more damage than you realize. Next time you visit your salon, discuss the deep conditioning treatment options that could do wonders for smoothing your hair’s cuticles. You’ll love your revitalized and shiny new hair!

Invest in You!

Ultimately, the beauty treatments and services that are perfect for you may not be perfect for someone else, it’s all about personal choice, trying new things and learning what makes YOU feel best.

Any of these lash or brow services speak to you? Don’t wait! Book your Lash Lounge appointment and discuss all the options during a consultation with a trained stylist. We can’t wait to help you finally get the stunning brows and lashes that you will see are well worth the investment. 🙌🏽