The Gift of Effortless Beauty During Holiday Travel

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • September 13th, 2022
effortlessly beautiful young black woman listening music with headphones and mobile phone at the airport during holiday travel

It’s here. The holiday travel madness is in full swing. Hitting the road and trekking on a long trip? Have a flight to catch at dawn? Whenever and wherever your travels may take you this holiday season, make sure your lashes and brows are on point thanks to services at The Lash Lounge. Because where there are flawless lashes, there’s a simplified beauty routine behind them! Talk about a huge lifesaver!


We all know how it is after a long day of traveling. We’re washed out, we looked disheveled and, quite frankly, most of us are not at our best. But this doesn’t have to be you this year! You can arrive looking refreshed and better than ever!

Thanks to The Lash Lounge, travel triumphantly with smudge- and mascara-free eyes. The days of worrying about having a half eyebrow look cause your brow pencil wore off during your in-flight snooze are over! Instead, select a service, make an appointment at a salon near you and let your lashes and brows dazzle during all the hustle and bustle.

closeup of a an eye after a lash lift at The Lash Lounge

Eyelash Lift and Tint

To give your flat or straight lashes a new lease on life, say hello to a lash lift!

With this service, you’ll be delighted to toss that pesky lash curler out of your travel bag and, instead, enjoy a stunning, natural-looking lash curl. But, wait! It gets even better! An eyelash lift will last 6 to 8 weeks until it’s time to make an appointment at your favorite Lash Lounge salon to keep that lift locked in place.

Got light-colored natural hairs and longing for even more oomph to your lifted lashes? Get your eyelashes tinted! That extra color pop will make your lashes look EVEN more lustrous and won’t fade away while you’re in transit. Just be sure to schedule an appointment to come in every 4 weeks to keep that captivating color in check.

Eyelash Extensions

We know you want to fine-tune that fashionable airport look, but don’t stress out or run late because you spent too much time trying to get that flimsy lash strip in place. And don’t be that gal on the plane who tries to apply mascara in the air only to land with smudged raccoon eyes (Not cute, ladies!).

Go with lash extensions instead! From classic, volume, hybrid to mega volume,* we have a variety of detailed, customizable applications to create a look all your own. You’ll not only be able to travel in style, but your hassle-free, new refreshing look will put you at ease.

*Mega volume offered at select salons only.

close up of a woman's eye with eyelash and brow services from The Lash Lounge

Eyebrow Tinting

Tired of having to worry about making sure your barely-there brows stay filled in all day while you board your flights? We feel you, which is why it’s time to get an eyebrow tint to lock in that bold yet natural brow look.

Our stylist will work with you to select, then customize a color that complements not just your authentic hair color, but also your skin tone. You’ll be blown away when you see the sharper shade and thicker brow line as you travel. It’s built-in beauty!


One of the many benefits of all of the services we’ve mentioned is that our guests instantly get a brighter, refreshed look to their face.

You won’t have to dread the annual moment when your dad is ready to take family photos AS SOON as you arrive, and you won’t have to waste that precious family time trying to use one of those fine-tuning face apps to make yourself look like your best.

Instead, those tired, droopy eyes will be disguised thanks to your restored lash and brow look!


When our guests see just how incredible their new, effortless look really is, they often find that they don’t even need to wear much makeup at all!

So, lighten your load as you pack because makeup is optional (woohoo!!!). Instead, throw your favorite sweatshirt or sassy shoes in your bag. After all, you’ve got the space!

Whether you’re globetrotting for a holiday abroad or you’re taking a quick trip to see the fam, do yourself a favor this year and select a service that will make life a little easier for you. After all, ’tis the season to feel beautiful, confident and empowered!

And, just think, that “favorite” aunt of yours who’s known for critiquing everyone from head to toe (insert eye roll) will be speechless when she sees just how fresh and fabulous you look after your long journey.

Oh—and don’t dare miss out on your routine appointment while you’re away from your Lash Lounge home salon! Find a location wherever you’re at, so you can keep those lashes and brows in tip-top shape!