5 Tips for How to Take Care of Lash Extensions

Woman taking care of her lash extensions from The Lash Lounge

Taking care of your lashes is essential for a beautiful, long-lasting set. We’ve got all the details on how to care for eyelash extensions so that you keep on loving them…and loving YOU!

Follow These 5 Lash Extension Care Tips to Keep Your Lash Look in Check:

Foaming lash cleanser for taking care of lash extensions from The Lash Lounge


The best way to maintain eyelash extensions is to keep them clean. Forget face wash. A lash cleanser is just the right tool for the job! But not just any lash cleanser—you need one specially formulated just for lash extensions! At The Lash Lounge, we offer a fantastic foaming lash cleanser.

Ours is oil free, alcohol free, paraben free, gluten free and vegan. It contains a unique blend of 10 natural extracts that boast anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Together, these ingredients gently and thoroughly dissolve makeup and oil buildup, while leaving the skin soft and hydrated—great for lash retention!

Plus, unscented, it’s great for sensitive eyes!

When cleaning your eye area to remove makeup and eyeshadow, we recommend applying the cleanser to our eyelash cleanser brush. Then, very gently wash in downward sweeping motions over the eyelid and lash line. Rinse your eyes with fresh water until all product is removed.

After cleaning your lashes, let them air dry, then use your lash wand to gently brush them back into their fluffy shape!


The beauty of lash extensions is that you have lovely, long, full lashes without having to wear mascara!

We know that some of you may still want to wear mascara on occasion, which is 100% okay…with a caveat: the mascara must be made for lash extensions.

If you’ve gotta have it to feel your best, we offer two types of mascaras at The Lash Lounge:

  1. Volumizing—add some extra oomph!
  2. Lengthening with Keratin—strengthen those lash hairs!

If you’re a mascara fiend, be sure only to wear a water-based mascara. This is not the same as waterproof mascara, so make sure you look closely at those labels!

Apply only one coat of lash extension-safe mascara and only to the tips of your lashes.


Why cause any extra rub or friction to your lash extensions when you don’t need to? Avoid itching, pulling, rubbing or tugging on your lash area.

Some of our guests even switch to silk pillow cases to eliminate that constant contact.

But don’t worry about normal contact with water! Activities like swimming with lashes and face-washing are lash extension-safe! But if you’re off to surf, go for a speedboat ride or swim in salt water, make sure you grab some goggles first!

Woman receiving regular refill at The Lash Lounge to take care of her lash extensions


All the tips we have mentioned are very important, but this one is the big kahuna! Sticking with your refill appointments every two weeks will help you maintain a full, luscious lash line that turns heads!

The longer you wait for a fill, the more your natural lashes will shed, which means more gaps in your lash line and overgrown lashes elsewhere. If you go too long without getting a lash refill, a new full set may be required, which equals time and money.

Check out our awesome Lash Lounge membership programs to see how you can always keep your fluffy friends in check!


But seriously…

Membership makes caring for eyelash extensions easy!

If you’re not a member yet, check out our membership options. You’ll get two built-in lash refills per month at much lower rate than the regular price. We’re talking a complete lifesaver when it comes to both your wallet and the hassle of scheduling! Your lashes and wallet will thank you!