Lash Extension Sealant: Why It’s Important + How to Apply

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  • April 30th, 2024
lash sealant from The Lash Lounge

To prolong the life of your eyelash extensions and protect your investment, a lash sealant is a must! 😍 We LOVE lash sealants because they enhance the longevity of our beloved extensions.

Get to know when and how we recommend using them for the most benefit to your lash line.

First, What Is a Lash Sealant?

A lash sealant is the ultimate lash aftercare product. Lash sealants are key to prolonging the retention of your lash extensions and creating a barrier against elements that could break down your adhesive.

A lash sealant is applied to your eyelashes by running a lash brush with formula against the base of your lashes to evenly coat the sealant along your lash line.

Lash sealants give you an extra layer of protection and help lock each extension in place. This extra protection is especially great to have when your lashes are exposed to high humidity, sweat, water or oily skin. 💧

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What’s the Best Sealant for Lash Extensions?

At our salons, our go-to sealant is Lash Armor®, available in two formulas: Onyx and Crystal. Each is lightweight and contains essential vitamins including six natural extracts.

lash sealants from The Lash Lounge

The Onyx formula protects while providing a natural, rich color along the lash line and is perfect for those who love a darker lash appearance.

The Crystal formula protects just the same while offering a clear protective coating ideal for those with active lifestyles. 🏃🏼‍♀️

When to Apply Lash Sealant

Since an eyelash sealer is primarily for maintenance, you’ll want to wait to use a sealant until about a week after your full set or refill lash extension appointment. Because we recommend getting a lash fill every two weeks to keep your extensions looking their best, you’ll apply the sealant once every other week on the weeks you’re not visiting a salon for a lash service.

Using a lash sealant is a good idea year-round, but especially during the spring and fall when natural lashes are more likely to shed and could use a little extra protection.

How to Apply Lash Sealant

Lash sealants are simple to apply! Just remove excess formula before applying, use the brush to apply the product along the lash line and dab the brush under your lashes.

Get to know our 3-step lash sealant application process:

  1. Once you’ve pulled the brush from the tube, get any excess product off the brush by sliding the brush along the opening of the tube. You only need a light amount of product on the brush.
  2. Place the brush along the base of your lash line. Then, simply brush the formula along the bonded area where your lashes and lash line meet.
  3. For those with extra voluminous eyelash extensions, another sweep along the under area of your lash line can be applied. When doing this, lightly dab the brush under your lash line.

Note: The Lash Armor® Onyx formula may require a little bit more focus to apply because it also adds color.

Do NOT comb the brush through your lash line like you would when using mascara. Doing this can close the fans of your lashes—particularly for those with volume extensions. ✖️

Instead, after applying correctly underneath the base of your lashes, take your brush and tap it against the underneath part of the base of your lashes to embolden your lash line with the rich onyx color. ✔️

Purchase the Best Lash Sealants from The Lash Lounge

For lash extensions that last and look their best wherever you take them, visit a Lash Lounge near you to purchase Lash Armor® sealant … or snag some during your next lash extension appointment.

Your healthy and protected lash line will thank you!