See Our Shine: Reopening Safety Standards As We Emerge From COVID-19

"See Our Shine" with The Lash Lounge front desk in the back

We are pleased to announce that many of The Lash Lounge salons have reopened or are in the final stages of reopening their doors once again. During this time, we are overjoyed to welcome you back to The Lash Lounge and want to remind you, our valued guests, of the strict safety, training and certification requirements that continue to set The Lash Lounge apart.

Safety Standards at The Lash Lounge

While we have always held the health and safety of our staff and guests in the highest regard, we knew it was our responsibility to raise the industry bar for precautionary procedures post-COVID-19. The corporate team worked dedicatedly and diligently, under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, federal and state public health officials and in collaboration with franchisees, to craft salon standards that would mitigate risk and keep all who call The Lash Lounge their home away from home safe.

The new health and safety standards are as follows, but are by no means limited, to the following list:

1. All staff and guests are required wear face masks while in the salon.

2. All staff and guests are required to have their temperature taken prior to every shift and appointment.

3. All salons will be utilizing a counter safety shield as an additional safety barrier.

4. We’ll be observing touchless greetings. Same smiles, just no handshakes or hugs for now (we know…boo!).

5. To be at our nicest, neatest and cleanest, all staff will be in uniform.

6. Our salons will temporarily be cashless. Please make sure you bring your credit card or that it’s on file.

7. We’re redoubling our cleaning efforts, including sanitization and disinfecting:

a. Beds and tools are being cleaned and disinfected, and hands washed, between every guest.

b. We’re frequently sanitizing all common areas, including restrooms.

c. Blankets have been temporarily discontinued.

8. Using the highest quality products between all appointments

Along with these efforts, we will continue to monitor and seek ways to provide the luxury experience you have come to expect with an uncompromising commitment to safety.

In Their Words: Owners + Guests Shine After Reopening

During the uncertainty and navigating these ever-changing times, our owners and beloved guests have truly shined. In fact, we have been blown away by the words and messages shared by both!

Clean + Comfortable: A Guest’s Complimentary Words

“I just had my lashes done by Shelby and wanted to hand out a HUGE compliment to the girls working today. They are doing a great job keeping things clean and wearing masks, yet it still feels relaxed and comfortable. Way to go! I feel like a new woman with my lashes back!”

—Emily P., Guest from The Lash Lounge Frisco – Starwood

Small Business Strong: Appreciation from a Proud Lash Lounge Owner

“What a wonderful reopening our salon had today! A very special thank you to all our members who have supported and encouraged our team during our closure! The energy in our salon is electric and made our hearts so grateful to be back doing what we love! All our stylists have worked tirelessly to keep our salon a safe and a clean environment while also giving the highest quality experience to each guest. It is SO appreciated and I couldn’t be more proud to be the owner. We are #SmallBusinessStrong.”

—Kailey Fletcher, Owner of The Lash Lounge Allen – Watters Creek

A Special Return: A Guest’s Praise


“It felt wonderful returning to The Lash Lounge! The reopening with the new guidelines was very professional and comfortable. As always, the salon was extremely clean. They have made my experience returning as special as it was the first day I came into The Lash Lounge. The staff is extremely pleasant and well prepared to answer any questions or concerns during this time. I’m so proud to be a client of such a professional business that cares a great deal about their customers wellbeing!”


—Sheila R., Guest from The Lash Lounge Cranston – Chapel View

High Spirits During Reopening: A Franchisee’s Excitement to Lash Again

“It’s like Christmas morning! We can’t say enough how excited we are to be up and running (and lashing) again! This is the new normal for a while and our team spent yesterday deep cleaning the salon, sanitizing all our tools and everything in between. We have the best of the best!”

—Erin Bender, Owner of The Lash Lounge Plano – Park and Preston

Reclaim YOUR Shine at a Salon Near You!

We know our time apart has been tough—on you and your lashes (us, too!). But our expert stylists are BACK and cannot wait to restore the full lash look you love. Find a salon near you today, bring your lashes back to life and reclaim YOUR shine!