“See it In My Eyes” – What 2 Guests Are Saying With Their Lashes in a Mask-Wearing World

woman with mask and eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge

It has been such a joy welcoming our guests back to our salons as we emerge from COVID-19, refreshing their lash lines and giving them a bright and shiny voice, all through their eyes!

In our new campaign, “See It in My Eyes,” we’re shining a light on the resilience of our guests and just what they’re saying with their lashes now that, in this mask-wearing world, they’re really taking center stage!

Today, 2 real guests share their story.Lash Lounge guest with hybrid eyelash extensions

CONFIDENCE: See It in Rosa’s Eyes

Visits to The Lash Lounge every 2 weeks, chatting with her stylist and, of course, that full set of fluffy lashes is what guest, Rosa, missed most during quarantine.

With multiple memberships at other companies, Rosa began to reevaluate which ones matters the most. When it came to her membership at The Lash Lounge, it was a simple choice. “I absolutely love my lashes. I realized they were what I needed to hold on to. They make me feel beautiful from the moment I wake up; I feel confident leaving the house with nothing else on my face.”

Getting back into The Lash Lounge was top of mind, along with salon safety. “I was skeptical at first but I felt very safe, especially with the new protocols the salon set in place for reopening in a careful manner.”

Feeling safe and cared for allowed Rosa to truly relax during her service. When her stylist was finished working her lash magic, Rosa loved what she saw: a custom full set of hybrid lashes with a captivating C curl.

“I was very happy to see my bare face with a full set of voluminous lashes again. When you look good, you feel good and it was really nice to feel pretty again.”woman in mask with short hair and eyelash extensions

KINDNESS: See It in Courtney’s Eyes

Once The Lash Lounge Austin – Mueller was safely able to reopen, guest Courtney rushed in to reclaim her full lash line. It was such a happy day. She remembers feeling like a “new woman”!

Her refreshed lash look, customized by her stylist Odalys, included a “hybrid: level 1” application and a dynamic D curl.

When people look into my eyes, I want them to see the depth of my kind heart, and all of the love I wish to communicate to them.”

Let YOUR Lashes Do the Talking!

From kindness, self-love, confidence and so much more, you have a lot to say…through your eyes! Find a salon in your area and let us make your lashes shine!