How One Bride Got Her Lashes “I Do” Ready

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  • August 8th, 2022
bride outdoors smiling with bridal eyelash extensions

Making our guests look and feel their best is our specialty, brides included! 👰🏽‍ See what Lash Lounge guest and bride Maggie, shared  about working with her trusted lash stylist to get her bridal eyelashes ready for her “I do’s”.

bride in snow smiling with bridal eyelash extensions

Trusting the Process for Beautiful Bridal Eyelashes

Maggie, loyal to the lash game, regularly gets lash extensions at The Lash Lounge Lone Tree – Ridgegate with her stylist, Charlie. In fact, it’s the trust she has in her stylist that keeps her returning. “Charlie is just amazing and the reason I keep coming back to The Lash Lounge over any other place! I always know my lashes will look perfect when I see her!”.

As Maggie prepped and planned for her dreamy destination wedding, one part of the planning was a no brainer: her lashes! She knew she wanted to continue to keep her lash line full and fluffy with lash extensions. Her usual lash application had been custom hybrid lash extensions, but in lieu of her go-to lash look, she continued to trust Charlie by giving her the reins to customize and create a look for the big day. “I fully trust Charlie and I just let her do her thing for my wedding day.”  Throughout her routine lash refill appointments, Maggie’s hybrid lash extensions were given extra oomph and Charlie transitioned her existing application into a stunning full set of volume lashes.

The unwavering trust Maggie gave her expert stylist was a match made in lash heaven. The result: a one-of-a-kind lash look perfect for saying “I do!”.

bride and groom standing in snow on their wedding day

The Big Day and Maggie’s Breezy Beauty Routine

Maggie and her husband tied the knot at a dreamy location in Telluride, Colorado. They wanted to elope and keep the union intimate with just one another. Surrounded by snowy mountain tops and a couple four-legged guests: their two pups, their day was everything they had dreamed of!  🗻🐾

When it came to her beauty routine, getting and staying photo-ready was a total BREEZE for Maggie. Thanks to her lash extensions, she didn’t have to worry about applying loads of mascara or messing with lash strips. The less time she spent getting ready meant more time spent enjoying the magic of the day, which was exactly what she wanted! 💜

Lash Advice for Your Bridal Beauty Checklist

If you are a bride-to-be thinking about getting lash extensions or know someone who might be, Maggie has some advice: “DO IT! They look flawless! And you don’t have to worry about running mascara when you cry (if you’re a crier like me) or a clumpy lash look!”

Your Other “I Do”: Lash Extensions!

There are SO many benefits when you choose to get custom lash extensions for your big day. At The Lash Lounge, we will work with you to create a look to fit your natural features, the look you have your heart set on AND the occasion! Whether you’re eloping like Maggie or having a big wedding, we’re here to help you look radiant from the inside out and achieve your bridal beauty goals!✨

Photos provided by: Maggie Conrey | Photo credit: Run Wild With Me