Buy a Lash Lounge Salon and Be Your Own Boss

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smiling woman standing behind front desk of a Lash Lounge franchise salon

Be Your Own Boss at The Lash Lounge

Calling all entrepreneurs! Have you thought about owning your own franchise?

If the following qualities sound like you, then a Lash Lounge franchise might be calling YOUR name:

  1. A passion for helping others feel beautiful and confident
  2. A desire to make your mark in the growing beauty industry
  3. Enthusiasm for lash and brow services

How Do I Start a Franchise with The Lash Lounge?

Joining The Lash Lounge as a franchisee is an exciting opportunity AND (the best part!) it’s easy to get started. The first step is simple: find a location by searching open territories in the area you wish to open a salon.

Whether you’re ready to take the plunge now or looking for more information, submit an inquiry to learn more about us and our franchising opportunities.

Ready to get your search on ASAP? Find an available territory near you!

Why Would a Person Choose to Buy a Lash Extension Franchise?

In case you haven’t heard, the beauty industry is rapidly growing and The Lash Lounge is growing with it! Currently, the beauty industry has an annual growth rate of nearly 5% and is predicted to exceed a value of $716 billion (you read that right) by 2025.

inside The Lash Lounge salon service area

Joining a franchise in the beauty industry means you’re joining a successful and innovative community! Franchisees at The Lash Lounge come from diverse backgrounds, all with varying, awe-inspiring histories and previous work experience. In fact, many of our franchisees were not even in the beauty industry before opening a Lash Lounge salon! What they all have in common is a determination and drive for success, along with a passion for service and empowering others. 💜

The partnerships that Lash Lounge franchisees form with one another AND our internal leadership team is truly one of a kind. With a model devoted to “consultation, customization and care,” it’s no wonder we have loyal franchisees, lash stylists, staff AND guests! Together, we’re making our mark in the innovative and growing lash industry. 🌠

5 Advantages of Franchising with The Lash Lounge

  1. Brand awareness—The Lash Lounge has a positive reputation and recognizable brand that will help your beauty franchise thrive from the start!
  2. Our network—When you purchase a Lash Lounge franchise, you have a ready-made network of brand business consultants and fellow franchisees to assist you in all you do. During your consideration process, we’ll connect you with our network so you can hear firsthand from our teams, gain valuable insight, receive guidance and learn about others’ experiences.
  3. Training support—Providing expert training and resources is our specialty here at The Lash Lounge. As soon as you’re on board, you’ll receive assistance from a team readily available to offer leadership, support and training that will allow you to manage and run your franchise with ease. You’ll learn about all of our lash and brow services, as well as business operations, technology, marketing and more. Before you even open your doors, you’ll feel supported, confident and empowered in your role as a franchise owner.
    • Another extraordinary tidbit about training that sets us apart:  our Founder and CIO Anna Phillips has developed exclusive lash design techniques to support custom lash looks for each and every guest. Not only do our guests benefit from this attention to detail, but our stylists do as well thanks to the comprehensive training they are provided. The in-house training and the continued education they receive not only allows them to perfect their craft, but they’re equipped to soar higher and higher in their career at The Lash Lounge.
  4. National and local marketing—Don’t worry about building a website or creating marketing materials from scratch! Owning a Lash Lounge franchise means getting a helping hand where you need it. We manage national and assist with local marketing efforts so YOU can focus on building a team and creating an ideal environment and retreat for your guests each and every day!
  5. Opportunities to grow—Once you’ve fallen in love with your first salon and have it humming along smoothly, we have opportunities for you to grow and expand. Don’t limit your entrepreneurial spirit! We’ve partnered with one of the nation’s leading real estate agencies to help our franchisees find opportunities for additional locations. Just like your first opening, we’ll be on-hand to assist every step of the process.

Ready To Own a Lash Lounge Salon?

Here, our world is lashes and brows and we strive to help our guests achieve their beauty goals while empowering our owners and staff to achieve theirs, too. 💯

With an impeccable support team, owning your own franchise with one of the best beauty franchises around lets you be your own boss AND grow your business with a network of like-minded professionals.

Think a Lash Lounge franchise might be your calling? We can’t wait to hear from you. 🤝🏽