How to do Your Makeup for the Beach

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  • July 18th, 2022
Smiling woman on beach with red hair and lash extensions

How to Wear Makeup at the Beach 101

Love the sun, sandals and, of course, beach days? 🏖️ So do we, but having a photo-worthy makeup look on a beach day can be tricky. Water can make your mascara run and the heat can cause your foundation to smudge and wear off. But there’s good news: we’re sharing some ways you can keep your makeup looking stellar EVEN on a hot and sunny day at the beach. Take note!

Do You Wear Makeup to the Beach?

If wearing makeup to the beach makes you feel your best, then go for it! Just know that you may experience some makeup mishaps that might not usually occur when you’re wearing a full face of your favorite cosmetic products. To avoid this, consider simplifying your beach makeup routine, reliable lashes and brows from The Lash Lounge included!

We understand wanting to look flawless at the beach and how this can be a struggle due to makeup that can’t hold up against the elements. This is why we’ve picked our favorite lash and brow services fit for the sand and waves, and the best beach day makeup tricks that will help you look AND feel gorgeous!

5 Beach Day Makeup Hacks

Whether you prefer a simple look or a full face of makeup, it’s possible to look fabulous at the beach with these easy tips:

  1. Wear sunscreen—Arguably the most important part of your beach day routine is sunscreen. Think of sunscreen as your beach day primer. While your makeup may include some SPF, the ultimate protection comes from applying sunscreen with at least SPF 15 under your makeup.
  2. Use neutral eyeshadow—Avoid raccoon eyes from your dripping eyeshadow. 🌊 Stay away from dark or colorful eye shadow and instead pick colors that match your natural skin tones, especially if you are planning to swim. Try to use a cream-based palette instead of powder to help it stay on and blend with your skin.
  3. Go light on the foundation—Time spent in the heat can quickly make your face makeup look cakey and overdone. Instead, try a tinted sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF. BONUS TIP—Pat, don’t rub, your foundation on—especially if you’re reapplying over existing makeup. This will help it appear sheer and blend with your existing makeup rather than look cakey.
  4. Skip lipstick and gloss—Sticky makeup on your lips can quickly get messy with the mixture of sand and heat on your beach day. Instead, try a tinted lip moisturizer and one that includes SPF to keep your pout protected!
  5. Brighten your beach makeup look with bronzer or blush—To top off your summer look, apply a little bronzer to your temples and even a little blush along your cheekbones. A bronzer and blush duo can give you an instant sun-kissed glow!

Effortless Lashes and Brows for the Beach and Beyond

For the ultimate, lasting beach makeup look, The Lash Lounge has just the services for you! Whether you’re looking for bold lashes that won’t look lackluster at the end of a beach day or brows that won’t melt away, see these eyelash and eyebrow services that will have you looking sensational all summer long at the beach:

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  • Lash extensions—Don’t sacrifice the lash look you want for a beach day. With lash extensions from The Lash Lounge, you get your desired lash style without having to worry about runny mascara. Your lash extensions are safe to go in the water with you.
  • Brow threading—An eyebrow threading service from The Lash Lounge will keep your brows shaped and naturally defined and contoured no matter how many times you’re in and out of the surf. Because brow threading is 100% natural, swimming will not harm your results! This is truly THE brow service for the summer, and one spent at the beach!
  • Lash lift—With a lash lift from The Lash Lounge, your lashes will stay perfectly curled even after getting wet! Just be aware that spending too much time with your lashes in chlorine or salt water can weaken your lift quicker. Try packing some goggles if you want to spend more time in the water.
  • Lash and brow tinting—Darken your lashes and brows without mascara or eyebrow pencils! Whether you’re looking for a natural and makeup-free look, or have thin, fine or light lashes and brow hair, tinting is the service for you! Adding a darker tint to your brows and lashes will give them the definition you want, even if you notice your lashes and brows getting naturally lighter from the summer sun. Tints are great for a beach day because you don’t have to worry about losing your makeup from sweat and water. Similar to a lash lift, while you can go swimming with your lash and brow tint, try not to spend too much time in chlorine, as it can hurt the longevity of the tint.
  • For a naturally defined look, we love pairing our lash lift with a lash tint to curl and define the lashes and avoid the hassle of mascara for a streak-free day at the beach.

Get Beach Day Ready at The Lash Lounge!

Makeup or no makeup, whatever look you go for before you hit the beach should be fuss-free! For lashes and brows that are a breeze, let The Lash Lounge do the work so you can enjoy some fun in the sun and sand!