How to Make Makeup Last All Day

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  • July 26th, 2023
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We’ve all been there: You have an early morning (we’re talking barely enough time to grab a cup of coffee!), a full day ahead AND evening plans with minimal time to freshen up your makeup throughout the day. 😩 But don’t fret!  A busy schedule doesn’t have to mean a hurried look and (the good news!) it is possible to make your look last ALL day! In fact, taking your makeup from day to night is easy when you have the tools and tricks to transition your look! 💄

How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night

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It takes a little preparation to get the most out of your makeup and seamlessly take it from day to night. What you need:

  • the right products
  • the proper tools
  • the skills to make your look last

Transitioning your look requires preparation AND planning.

The Prep: start with your skin. Use a quality primer before applying your makeup. Finish your look with a setting spray to keep everything in place.

Planning: Toss some touch-up essentials in your bag (or even have them ready to go the night before, so you don’t forget!). We’re talking essentials like:

  • a lash wand
  • concealer
  • blush
  • a handheld mirror (in case you’re stuck without a way to check your look. We LOVE our LED Compact Mirror!)

Day-to-Night Makeup Hacks for All-Day Beauty

For the days when you’re extra limited on time, having the right products and services will leave you needing only minimal makeup items AND a quick minute to seamlessly transition any look from day to evening.

Here are more details on the prep and planning we just mentioned so your day-to-night transition is a breeze:

Moisturize—Starting with moisturized skin before applying your makeup for the day is key. This will not only make your skin look healthier, but it can keep your overall makeup from drying out, particularly your foundation.

Travel with concealer—While you may be tempted to bring powder and/or foundation everywhere, layering these two makeup items can lead to patchy and cakey-looking skin. (Not a pretty look! 👎🏽) Instead, simply add small amounts of light concealer to the areas where your foundation may start to come off. This will be just the touch-up those areas need without overdoing it. And a single, small tube of concealer is much easier to carry along!

Give your lashes and brows a boost—Mascara that gives you raccoon eyes by the end of your day is never attractive, and neither are unruly-looking brows. To have a hassle-free, naturally beautiful look, consider lash and brow services from The Lash Lounge. Going this route will make taking your look from day to night SO simple and leave you looking like your best self ALL day long!

For day-to-night eye makeup,  give custom lash extensions a go for the ultimate long-lasting lashes that will keep you and your look ready for anything. Your lash stylist will help you customize a look all your own while selecting the right length, thickness and curl.

If lash extensions aren’t calling your name, but you want to avoid curling your lashes each day, we got two words for you: lash lift. This lash service will give your lashes a curl lasting up to eight weeks! Not only that, the custom curl will complement and enhance your eye shape and overall appearance, often leaving you with a refreshed look at the start and end of your day.

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TIP: Whether it’s your natural lashes, eyelash extensions or a lash lift, brushing them at the end of the day can do wonders for lifting your lashes back in place and making you look refreshed. To do this, keep a lash wand handy at all times! (Our Crystal Lash Wand is a game-changer and one you can always find in your purse!)

For taming your brows and skipping the daily shaping or plucking, try eyebrow threading! This brow service will define AND contour your look, leaving you with a maintenance-free and manicured brow. This is an easy way to avoid fast-growing brows for up to four weeks.

Bring some blush (or highlighter or bronzer)—When thinking of essentials to have on hand after a long day, consider products that can quickly bring your look back to life by accentuating the color of your face. A classic blush, highlighter and even a bronzer can redefine your look, especially after a full day when you feel washed out and your face needs that extra shimmer, glow and shine!

TIP: If you’re limited on space in your makeup bag, let your blush or highlighter work double duty and use it as an eye shadow! You can also look for a single compact that contains each essential: highlighter, blush and bronzer.

Add a new shade of shadow—One of the easiest ways to alter your look during the day without having to reapply all your makeup is by swiping on a new shade of eyeshadow on your lids. For a night makeup look, try packing a darker shadow that complements your outfit.

Pair your eyeshadow with a lash and brow tint from The Lash Lounge for fuller-looking lashes and brows that are colored to complement your natural beauty. The natural look of a tint is perfect for daytime wear, while the thick and full appearance it adds to your features will also help your eyes pop and support any evening makeup.

The Secret to Makeup That Stays on All Day

While it’s not technically a secret, getting lash and brow services from The Lash Lounge IS the easiest way to nail a long-lasting makeup look AND fuss-free! 🙌🏽

Whatever you have planned, our lash stylists are ready to help you get just the look you need to feel confident and enjoy wherever it is your day or night might take you! Curious what that first appointment will be like? Learn more about our eyelash extension application process!