How to Accessorize Your Eyes with Bling!

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happy black woman smiling in a sparkly dress with bling makeup around eyes

Feel like adding some bling to your look? From eye makeup gems to making your lash extensions sparkle AND shine ✨, see our eye bling lash tips so you can take your look up a notch!

close-up of woman's brown eye with eye makeup and jewels around eye

Bling Eye Makeup

Whether for special occasions, a night out with friends or just because you want to take your look up a notch, adding some bling to your eye makeup can be as simple OR intricate as you wish!

Eyeliner with Gems

These days there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS. when it comes to eyeliner that has a little sparkle and shine! This includes eyeliner with gems which can come in many forms:

✨Metallic Eyeliner: One of the easiest ways to add bling to your eye makeup look is with metallics. From shimmery silver, glistening gold, rose gold or shades in your favorite colors like blue, green, pink and more, adding a metallic touch to your lids is the definition of glam.

TIP: For a subtle shimmer, keep the line thin when you apply to your top lid. To make more of a statement, make the line thicker so that metallic hue truly pops! You can even add a line on your lower lid for even more sparkle.

✨Gems and Liner: After adding your usual eyeliner or metallic shade, there’s always the option of adding individual gems like rhinestones along your lid line. There are many options out there today with a variety of colorful gems in different sizes. Most options even include skin-safe adhesive so placing on those sparkly gems is a cinch.

From Amazon to your local drug store, explore the endless options and even hop on Pinterest for creative ideas on how to apply them.

Eye Makeup Gems

If adding gems across your lid line isn’t your cup of tea or if you simply don’t have the patience, consider adding just a few on the outer corner of each eye instead. This subtle touch will still make a statement and require less precision.

Lash Extensions with Gems

At The Lash Lounge, customization is our specialty and for guests who really want to go ALL OUT with their lash look, we’ve got just the thing: multicolor lash extensions!*

Adding lashes with color to your extensions is our version of lash extensions with gems. Whether individual colored lash extensions are mixed in throughout your lash line OR you opt for having them on the outer corners only, the pop of color or shimmer can be as bold or as subtle as you wish.

*Check with your local Lash Lounge for availably of multicolor lash extensions.

Explore Eye Bling Options at The Lash Lounge

In our book, bling eye makeup can mean adding some sparkle to your existing eye makeup, or it can simply mean letting your custom lash extensions BE the bling that makes your eyes shine!

Whatever way “bling” for your eyes speaks to you, we’d love to welcome you and help you explore the opulent options!