Is a Lash Lift Safe While Pregnant?

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  • August 8th, 2022
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With the do’s, don’ts, tips and pregnancy advice, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether a lash lift is safe for you and your bump. Allow us to “deliver” the details!

Beauty Services and Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the info and advice from books, social media and friends. 🤰🏽 This can be particularly true when it comes to information about beauty services, including lash lifts (or lash perms).

If you were getting lash lifts pre-bump, then you’re probably hooked on the stunning results and the time you save in front of the mirror each day. If you’re expecting and have never tried a lash lift before, you’re probably wondering…is it safe? 🤔 ⏬

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Can I Get a Lash Lift When I’m Pregnant?

Here’s the answer: Yes! Getting a lash lift while you’re pregnant is perfectly safe! Just be sure to go to a reputable salon with a trained stylist. (This is always a must, even when you’re not pregnant!)

When you choose The Lash Lounge for a lash lift, you will feel at ease knowing:

  • Our process is semi-permanent.
  • Your natural lashes are safely curled by a trained stylist based on the look you desire.
  • The adhesive we use to set the curl in place is gentle.
  • The process takes less than an hour—just enough time for you to get your relaxation on! (Note: If you are not comfortable lying on your back, let your stylist know. They can help set you up in a comfier position, so you feel good while they work their lash magic.)

What To Do Prior to Your Lash Lift Appointment

Like anything during pregnancy, we always recommend you consult with your physician prior to any kind of beauty service. So, before you book your lash lift appointment, call or visit your doctor first.

Also, if you are one who tends to be allergy prone or have sensitivities, mention this to your lash stylist before the application begins. They will be able to discuss additional options with you.

Get A Lash Lift at The Lash Lounge

Providing a relaxing retreat and safe service for all guests, including those who are expecting, is always a TOP priority for us here at The Lash Lounge. We want you to feel welcomed, comfortable and confident, then fall in love with the gorgeous results! 😍

If at any time you have questions or concerns about your service, we’re always here!