Licensed Vs. Certified Lash Tech: Learn the Difference

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Certified lash tech at The Lash Lounge smiling in the salon

What’s THE answer to full and defined lashes that last longer? Eyelash extensions and lash services, of course! With the eyelash extension market expected to grow by 569.8 million (you read that right 😲) from now until 2027, it’s no wonder people want to work as lash techs in this booming industry! Working with lashes is creative and incredibly rewarding. Lash techs at The Lash Lounge help guests look and feel like the BEST versions of themselves while designing a custom lash look for everyone they work with. 💖

But, before helping guests, a lash tech must be trained on all things related to lash extensions and any other lash services they may perform! The requirements to become an excellent lash tech vary based on where you want to work and live, but the general steps are to become licensed and sometimes certified (AKA, become a lash industry PRO). Learn what it means to get your lash certification vs. license and see which route could be right for you.

What is Lash Tech Certification?

An eyelash extension certification signifies that you have the skills to apply lash extensions, proven through completing a course at an accredited institute. To receive the certification, you must take and pass an exam. ✔️

Certified lash technicians also learn a great deal about lash:

  • anatomy
  • health
  • sanitation
  • and more!

When you become a certified lash tech, you truly become a lash expert! 🤓

Have your certification? Great news:  You’re halfway there to applying for a lash tech position at The Lash Lounge! Now, it’s time to get licensed.

What is a Lash Tech License?

For those who are interested in a career as a lash tech, this is a common question. A lash tech license is obtained through a state’s cosmetology board and allows a lash tech to work legally in a given state.

To become licensed in a state, that’s another step which involves the lash tech applying with the state’s cosmetology board where they must meet their specific requirements.

Do You Need a License to be a Lash Tech?

The United States as well as many beauty salons, (like The Lash Lounge!) require that working lash techs obtain a license in the state they will be working.

A Lash Lounge stylist smiling and holding her lash tech credentials

What is the Difference Between a Certified and Licensed Lash Tech?

Now for the question that’s asked most often! The biggest difference between a certified and a licensed lash tech is:

  • a certification is through an accredited institute
  • a license is from a state’s cosmetology board

Like we mentioned above, a license is required in each state, but only some states require lash techs to get extra training and become certified.

Should I Get a Lash Tech Certification or License?

There’s always a bit of research to do on what your state requires along with the establishment you’re looking to become employed with. What do they require? Is a license or a license AND a certificate required?

Another very important thing to know: All lash techs must get an esthetician or cosmetology license to perform lash services. However, some states require licensed techs to get certified. Additionally, some lash tech jobs, even in states that don’t require certification, will request that employees complete certification courses. Once again, what’s required can vary based on state and workplace, so get to Googling!

A lash tech applying lash extensions to a Lash Lounge guest

Does The Lash Lounge Require Certification?

Here at The Lash Lounge, we pride ourselves on having lash techs who are the BEST in the business! That’s why all lash techs at our salons must have their state licensure, complete our proprietary training program and receive our exclusive Lash Lounge certification. This initial training is a must when coming on board AND is something that’s continued for our lash techs during their Lash Lounge career in order to ensure they feel confident in all services they provide!

The best part about our internal training is that it truly sets Lash Lounge techs apart from the rest in the industry! Lash extension training from The Lash Lounge looks at more than just the application process and helps technicians with further knowledge about lash health, service prep, sanitization, customization, retention, aftercare and much more.

Is it Worth Getting Lash Certified?

Although some states and lash tech jobs do not require certification, if you want to work as a reputable lash tech, getting certified should be a no-brainer! 🌟

3 Reasons Why You Should Become a Certified Lash Tech

Wondering if a career as a lash tech is for you? Here are a few reasons to strongly consider it!

  1. Demand—Because certified lash techs have extra lash knowledge and prep before entering the industry, they are often in higher demand. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to hire you!?!
  2. Earning Potential—Going through a certification program can be the cherry on top for giving you extra lash service skills and knowledge, making you a bigger asset to potential employers and clients. This can help increase your value and potential income. Cha-ching! 💸
  3. Confidence and Comfortability—Getting certified can help you feel more confident in your skill set AND more comfortable providing lash extensions and other services as soon as you kick off your career!

Not only is getting certified a benefit to you, but it’s also a win for your clients who we like to call guests here at The Lash Lounge! When a guest departs one of our salons after their service is complete, they leave knowing their lash and brow beauty was in the hands of an expert.

Get Lash Tech Training and LOVE What You Do

If you love all things lashes AND beauty, working as a lash tech at The Lash Lounge will give you the tips and skills to feel confident in your craft. Don’t just work in the lash industry. Work as an EXPERT in the lash industry!