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  • July 26th, 2023
Lash Lounge guest with pretty lashes after her lash extension service

On the fence about getting lash extensions or other lash and brow services? Let these Lash Lounge reviews from a few of our members change your mind.

See what they shared about the services they received PLUS the salon visits they always look forward to!

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Lash Extension Reviews To Lash Lounge Member

After moving to Flower Mound, Texas, Kathryne was ALL about doing her research before selecting a lash salon. She had been getting lash extensions for a couple years and was determined to find the perfect place, and she did!

“My lashes have never looked so great. I just moved here from Austin and did a lot of research when looking for a lash place. The Lash Lounge Flower Mound – Robertson’s Creek had really great reviews and a nice membership. I’m very glad I made the decision to start going here and signing up for the membership!” —Lash Lounge Member, Kathryne M.

Moral of the story: don’t rush when looking for a new salon (or any local businesses for that matter!). Take the time to research and read reviews to find the places that stand out against the rest! We’re so glad Kathryne did this, THEN treated herself to a membership to keep her beloved lashes looking one hundred 24/7!

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From “I Do” to Lash Lounge Member, Too

Here at The Lash Lounge, we LOVE working with brides! Not only do we adore acing a look for the bride’s big day, but we love that nine times out of ten the bride is so obsessed with her custom lashes that she keeps them up after the wedding.

It’s the beauty AND benefits of lash extensions that makes them say “YES” once again! 👰🏽

This is exactly what Trishan did after visiting The Lash Lounge Columbus – Polaris:

“I got my lashes done for my wedding last year and have been a member ever since. I absolutely love everyone there and my lashes make me feel unstoppable!” —Lash Lounge Member, Trishan G.

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Beautiful Benefits of a Lash Lounge Membership

The perks of being a member are endless!

  • two refills a month at members’-only prices
  • savings on products
  • discounts on other lash and brow services
  • option to use your membership at any Lash Lounge salon (perfect when traveling!)

Member Sarah from Tennessee was not going to be near her home salon for her bi-weekly lash refill and discovered there was a salon where she was headed (another Tennessee city). She booked her refill appointment and enjoyed experiencing another Lash Lounge location AND the customer service we pride ourselves on no matter if a guest is visiting from close by or far away.

“I don’t live in Franklin, but I was visiting friends and since I’m a Lash Lounge member I can go to any location. Everything was clean and quiet and it was a great experience. I feel more put together when I have my lashes done. I love having a membership with Lash Lounge. Since I travel a lot for work, I can pop into a shop in whatever city I am in. But I will visit The Lash Lounge, South Franklin again for sure.” —Lash Lounge Member, Sarah M.

Take a look at our custom membership options and see if becoming a member is calling YOUR name!

An Exception Lash Lounge Experience

Experience. This is something we take SO much pride in from the moment our guests walk through the door until they depart.

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Our skillset and services keep our guests and members coming back of course, but it’s also the professionalism and atmosphere that people fall in love with too, just like Erica did at her home salon, The Lash Lounge Keller – Keller Marketplace.

“BEST customer care ever! Friendly, professional, clean, relaxing spa treatment and I felt right at home. Gorgeous voluminous eyelashes! I will refer everyone I know and people who ask; “Where did I receive my extensions?” to The Lash Lounge. Could not be happier and grateful to have found my gorgeous luxurious eyelash extension home! Tired of bouncing around and overpaying? The Lash Lounge is the BEST! Stop searching and get in! The membership is amazing as well.” —Lash Lounge Member, Erica P.

This review pulled at our lash heart strings because it encompassed not just a stellar lash extension service, but each touch that brings the Lash Lounge experience full circle. 💜

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