How To Prep For Lash and Brow Services

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  • June 28th, 2023
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If you have a lash or brow appointment coming up such as lash extensions, brow threading or any other services, learn some simple ways to prep before your appointment.

From coming in with a clean face to knowing the lash or brow look you want, preparing before your visit is a cinch!

What To Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

Here at The Lash Lounge, we’re ALL about educating our guests on the dos, don’ts, tips and tricks of lash extensions. But what do you need to know BEFORE you get them? ⤵️

close-up side view of woman during a lash extension application
  • Your first full set can take anywhere between 2–3 hours, while lash refills can take 45 minutes to an hour. If you don’t love the idea of relaxing this long, consider our quickerlash services that also give great results like a lash lift and tint.
  • To get lash extensions at The Lash Lounge, your lashes must be healthy and you must have enough natural lashes for a stylist to work with. (Find out if you’re a lash candidate here!)
  • Your lash look will not be exactly like someone else’s! For example, if you LOVE the way your bestie’s lash extensions look, just know yours may not look exactly the same…they might look better!🤩 This is because we customize lash looks to fit each guests’ eye shape and natural lash line—every look is unique to the guest.
  • When you get lash extensions for the first time, you’ll want to take care of them not only to keep them looking their best between refills, but to protect the investment you just made!

How To Prepare for Eyelash Extensions

From arriving with makeup-free eyes to doing research on the lash looks you love, here are some tips for preparing for your lash extension appointment:

  • Remove Contact Lenses: Since your first full set appointment can take 2–3 hours, if you’re a contact lenses wearer, we suggest that you remove your contacts prior to your appointment and arrive with glasses. This will keep your eyes from getting dry.. You can put them right back in after your appointment.
  • Do Some Research: Prior to your first lash extension appointment, prepare by doing some research on social media. Having lash inspo handy during the time of consultation will help your stylist know the look you’re going for and if your natural lashes are a fit for that look.
  • Arrive With A Clean Face & Eye Area: If possible, it’s best to arrive with a clean face eyes. This means less time your stylist has to spend getting your lashes clean and more time filling your lash line!
  • Be Open Minded: While you may have your heart set on a certain lash look, keep an open mind during your first appointment! Why? Sometimes your ultimate lash look has to happen gradually depending on your natural lashes and how much they can hold. But don’t worry! This is something your expert stylist will discuss with you while creating a plan for getting your lash line as close to the look you want.

📹 For the FULL 4-1-1 on how your first lash day will go, check out this video: What To Expect When Getting Lash Extensions

How To Prep Eyebrows for Threading

Since eyebrow threading is a quick and simple service, there’s not much prep you have to do before your appointment (Hooray for that!).

What we DO suggest is similar to a couple of the lash extension preparations:

  • Show up with a clean face and clean brow area. Particularly no brow makeup when you arrive.
  • Have an idea of the look you’re going for. Whether it’s brow shape inspo, knowing it’s a simple brow clean-up you want OR it’s a full threading makeover you’re after, consider your brow goals before your appointment so you can share it with your stylist.

Wondering “What is eyebrow threading?” Get in the know with this related blog: How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded? 

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More Tips Before Your Lash or Brow Appointment

While prepping before an appointment is quite simple, we do have a few more tips to ensure you’re comfortable AND that your appointment runs smoothly.

  • Keep It Comfy: For any lash or brow service, we always suggest arriving in comfy clothes so you can truly relax while your stylist works their magic.
  • Cool It On The Caffeine: If you can forgo your favorite caffeinated drink before your appointment, it’s best! This will keep you from having the jitters with fluttery eyes and (most important part) help you keep still for your stylist.
  • Take A Listen: In the middle of a good podcast or e-book? Or do you simply love to relax by listening to music? Either way, we always encourage our guests to bring their headphones or earbuds to their appointment.
  • Bathroom Before Is Best: If you have time to visit the restroom before you arrive, that’s great! If not, you can get up during your appointment, however this could delay the process and require your stylist to re-tape your eye area to continue the lash extension service. Moral of the story: Make a break for the bathroom BEFORE your appointment if you can! 😉

Preparing for Your Lash Lounge Visit

Whatever service it is you’re coming to The Lash Lounge for, we can’t wait to work with you and create a custom look all your own!

And if you’re looking for even more info on how to prepare before your appointment, give your local salon a call. Our staff and stylists are always happy to answer any and all questions you may have before your first visit!