Lift Her Up (For Mother’s Day And Through May!)

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images of mothers and daughters for celebrating mother's day

Mothers, mom-figures and supportive women in our lives lift us up—literally and metaphorically! From when we were young and needed their strong hand, to where we are in life today, these special women deserve to be celebrated and that’s just what we’re doing this May!

Join us (just in time for Mother’s Day and all through May) and LIFT HER UP!


Whether it’s your mom, stepmom, grandmother, sister or aunt, the motherly figure in your life has lifted you up along the way in a number of ways. By example, by laughter and sometimes, even by dancing!

Hear from a few Lash Lounge franchisees and members from our home office team on how they’re lifting the special women in their lives up after ALL the moments and memories of being lifted up themselves through the years. 💕

Lash Lounge franchisee with her mom for Mother's Day



  • being a strong, independent mother
  • leading with love and discipline
  • being an example

I lift her up and I hope to be every bit of the great mom she has been to me.”— Carla Bravo, Franchisee, The Lash Lounge Prosper – Gates of Prosper, for her mom, Alejandra (pictured)


“For being a fighter in all challenges life brings her, keeping a positive attitude and always providing a joke for the day, I lift her up.”— Karen Meek, Lash Lounge Senior Project Manager, for her mom, Carolyn


Lash Lounge creative specialist Lindsey with her mom for mother's day


  • making even the smallest of moments feel EXTRA special
  • always showing up (…even as a surprise)
  • persevering and staying strong amidst the hardest of times
  • always being up for a dance party
  • ALL she’s done for me and our family

I lift her up!” — Lindsey Nabors, Lash Lounge Creative Specialist, for her mom, Karen (pictured)

Janae Lifts Her Mom For Her Strength and Her Love

“For battling cancer for 9 years and still being able to show unconditional love, I lift her up.”

—  Janae Ver Helst, Digital Marketing Director, for her mom, Sheryl

Lash Lounge corporate trainer with her mom for Mother's Day

Chantel Lifts Her Mom For Instilling Self-worth and Faith


  • instilling boldness, confidence and self-worth
  • teaching me the importance of mustard-seed faith and God’s love

I lift her up.”— Chantel Tolbert, Lash Lounge Corporate Stylist Trainer, for her mom, Lula (pictured)

Lift Her (And Her Lashes) Up This May!

Here at The Lash Lounge, we’re all about special holidays, especially the ones that allow us to shower those we love! At the top of our list: Mother’s Day! But because our moms and mother-figures do SO much, we think the celebrating should go beyond Mother’s Day.

Throughout the month of May, give your local Lash Lounge a call and lift her lashes for the rest of the year!

What does that mean exactly? 🧐 Lash lifts are “buy 3, get 1 free” this month only! And since a lash lift lasts up to 8 weeks, that’ll leave your mom with lovely, curled lashesfor the rest of 2023!*

 *At participating salons only. Expires one year after purchase. May be gifted.

Lash Lifts For Expecting Moms

Thinking about gifting this to an expecting mother but wondering if it’s SAFE? The short answer: yes, it’s safe.

Get more info here: Is A Lash Lift Safe While Pregnant?

Let The Lash Lounge Help You Lift Her UP

From her favorite flowers, sweets and treats, to something NEW and exciting for her this year, we would LOVE the opportunity to help you shower the special woman in your life and make her feel pampered like never before.

Looking for a gift idea for yourself? Copy this link and share away so you get just what you love this May! 💜