Rock These Festival Makeup Looks (And Make Them Last All Day!)

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Two girls smiling while at an outdoor concert with stylish festival looks

Festival makeup can be bold, experimental, vibrant, sparkly or natural… anything YOU want it to be! Festivals are fun for trying something new with your makeup. Shine with a look that’s uniquely you! But a little inspiration never hurts, right? 😉

Check out our fave festival and concert makeup looks to get inspired before your next show.

Music Festival Makeup Looks

We’re giving you a range of makeup ideas so you’re prepped for anything from an outdoor pop festival to a late-night rock show. 🎤 Regardless of the concert, we know you want a look that reflects your style AND makes you feel great!

Ready to put some of these ideas to the test?

Beautiful woman with lash extensions and eye makeup

Metallic Accents

Opaque metallic eyeshadow makes a statement and will help you stand out in a crowd. Some of our favorite metallics are light silver and yellow gold. For a bold version of this look, use a foil method when applying your eyeshadow, AKA refrain from adding texture or fading. To help your eyeshadow last throughout the show, apply setting spray after you’ve completed the look.

Grunge Eyes

Dark eyeliner, smudged smoky eye shadow and a full lash line are the perfect angsty look for your rock, alternative and everything-in-between concerts. For extra oomph, add a hint of glitter to your eyeshadow to make a bigger statement with your eye makeup.

For grunge-yet-glam lashes, you can never go wrong with customizable lash extensions. For a truly show-stopping look, we recommend our volume application paired with lash level three and a D curl. This lash recipe will create a sultry lash look that will emphasize your smoky eyeshadow in the most impressive way. 🤘

Mermaid Core

Taking inspiration from the sea, shimmery cool makeup tones for your next concert look is one to love. Don’t just wear any simple festival glitter makeup look; make it look and feel FRESH with a blue, green and purple color palette. Mermaid makeup is GREAT for an outdoor show and if it’s in the evening light, just think of the gorgeous glow you’ll have as it reflects off your shiny look.

Colorful and Bright

When prepping for a festival, you can never go wrong with a colorful makeup palette. Think vibrant tracksuits and butterfly clips reminiscent of the ‘00s.

From yellow and sky blue to bright green or orange, these colors in lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner or blush (if you’re feeling extra bright) will bring colorful makeup to a new level. Not only that, it will surely add fun and a pizzazz to the experience. For a one-of-a-kind look, try multicolor lash extensions! Contact your local Lash Lounge to see what color options are available. A hint of blue, pink, purple or a combo will be a look that will truly stand out! 🌈

Breezy Feather Lashes

Airy outfits, mesh tops, feather-adorned skirts and crochet dresses are perfect for an all-day festival! Why? These options are lightweight, comfy and perfect for hours in the sun. The next step is finding the perfect makeup to complement the easy yet adorable look!

Our answer is wispy feather lashes. This natural lash look goes well with that flawless barely-there makeup look. Feather lashes gradually get longer as they move toward the outer corner of the eye. To achieve this look, get hybrid lash extensions for a mix of application methods that give a feather effect.

How to Make Your Makeup Last at a Concert

Once you’ve picked the PERFECT makeup for a concert, you’ll want your look to last throughout the show. The crowds and hours of dancing with your besties will no doubt put your concert makeup to the test. 💃🏽

Keep your makeup looking fab with these 5 time-tested tricks:

1. Lash extensions—Trust us, no one wants runny eye makeup. Avoid unwanted mascara runoff by getting lash extensions. They’ll keep your lashes looking long and lush for the concert and beyond.

2. Lash and brow tint—If you want a more subtle look than extensions but still want a flawless all-concert look minus smudges, get a tint! You can tint your lashes and brows to ensure they’re both defined, perfectly shaped and colored to complement your natural features. Bonus: A lash and brow tint lasts up to four weeks. (Hello, multiple concerts!)

blonde woman smiling with lovely brow lamination

3. Setting spray and powder—To preserve the makeup on your skin and help your look last, these two beauty items are a must. For setting powder, apply a loose translucent powder over your finished makeup to keep everything in place. Setting powder is ideal for oily or combination skin since it can absorb excess oil. Setting spray applied after your look is complete helps to hydrate dry skin. TIP: Check the ingredients of the spray before applying over lash extensions OR play it safe and cover your eyes when applying.

4. Primer—For all-day perfection, apply primer BEFORE your makeup. This will give your skin an even base and prevent facial oils or dry skin from impacting the look. Another perk about primer: It can help reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes, leaving you with a photo-ready look. Did someone say pre-concert photoshoot?!

5. Brow lamination—To tame unruly brows and get a fuller, smoother look that will last throughout a festival, try brow lamination (pictured)! This brow service lasts up to six weeks and will make prepping your brows before all the shows a breeze—because they’re ready to go!

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Are YOU Festival Ready?

We know how important each component of your showstopping festival look is and we’re here to help! Visit The Lash Lounge to set your ideas in motion and get flawless brows and lashes that will outlast even a days-long festival.