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woman with eyes closed after receiving a full set of volume lash extensions

Extension Services: Fill vs. Full Set of Lashes

April 26, 2019
From hybrid to volume and full sets to refills, there’s a little lash lingo to know when it comes to lash extensions! We’re here to “fill” you in—pun intended! 😉 Our team is ALWAYS happy to answer questions and explain lash terms so you feel confident asking for the services…
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an array of colorful, healthy foods sitting on a white tabletop with silverware

7 Foods for Healthy Hair and Lashes

April 19, 2019
What do avocados, salmon and Greek yogurt all have in common? They promote healthy lash and hair growth! Your lashes, hair and even fingernails are made of a protein called keratin and over time, this keratin can weaken, making your hair and nails more prone to breakage. No one wants…
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woman in striped dress opens her arms and smiles with trees and flowers in the back

Spring Lash Shedding + What You Need to Know

April 12, 2019

Never heard of lash shedding? Wondering what it is, what happens and why during certain seasons? Good news—you’re not alone! Since spring has officially sprung, we’re sharing why you might be more likely to find a stray lash here and there this season. WHAT IS LASH SHEDDING? Whether you have lash extensions or not, we […]

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woman with curly hair looking out the window in black and white

5 Ways Women Can Reduce Stress

April 4, 2019
Women. We wear a lot of hats. At work, at home, with family and friends—in so many areas of our lives, we juggle A LOT to hold everything together. While some of us handle stress better than others, many women don’t have or don’t make time to de-stress. In honor…
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Close-up of stylish blonde woman with lash extensions

Lash Extensions: Will I Feel Them?

March 1, 2019

Do lash extensions look natural? Will I feel them? Will they be uncomfortable or bother me? Today, we’re setting the record straight so you can take the plunge and get the lashes you’ve been dreaming of! THE LOOK When it comes to the look of lash extensions, here’s the scoop: At The Lash Lounge, our […]

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Store-Bought vs. Salon-Quality Lashes: What’s the Difference?

February 22, 2019

Attention Lash Lovers! If you have ever wondered what makes lashes you can purchase at the store different from lashes you get professionally done at a salon, we’re sharing the inside scoop! LONGEVITY: WHICH LAST LONGER? Typically, store-bought lash products are made for temporary application, meaning you wear them once, then toss them out. When […]

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