Q & A with Guest, Cindy Hannam: Midlife Blogger and Mom of 5

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School is back in full swing and for teachers, moms and all women in various stages, life. is. busy!

Take a quick break and recharge by getting some inspiration from Cindy Hannam: Midlife mom of 5, former teacher turned blogger, Lash Lounge guest and more. Cindy has a lot to share about what makes her feel good and what makes life easy from routines, outlets, inspirations and of course, her custom lashes!

Learn how this busy woman leans into life, takes her “me time” and inspires other women to do the same!

Morning Routines For a Busy Mom of 5

Cindy’s days are jam packed, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her passions, sticking to her beauty routines and learning what works for her in this middle-age part of her life.

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TLL: What would you say are your top 3 passions in your current stage of life?

  • CH: Fashion, clean beauty and healthy living

TLL: When it comes to your morning routine, what’s a non-negotiable for you?

  • CH: A non-negotiable part of my morning is drinking water. I start my day by drinking water with lemon followed by a cup of coffee! 💧☕️

TLL: Let’s talk beauty! What does your beauty routine consist of in the a.m.?

  • CH: My morning beauty routine consists of gently cleansing and moisturizing/tinted moisturizer for my face. Typically, I will use a Vitamin C serum as well.

Another game changer for busy mornings: having lash extensions! Sometimes I don’t use anything other than a tinted moisturizer and lip balm to get out the door! Fast and easy! 🙌🏼

Lash Lounge guest, Cindy laying on service bed during a lash appointment

Midlife Mom, Cindy’s Everyday Beauty and Makeup Routine

TLL: What are your go-to beauty products for your everyday look?

  • CH: For an everyday, natural look I go with , a cream blush and sometimes a little bronzer.

TLL: Do you have a beauty hack for fellow women in your age group?

  • CH: My beauty hack for midlife women has to do with dry skin. My hack: use the Ace Primer by REFY! It’s hydrating, has a roller to sculpt and is cooling to the skin.

TLL: How does having lash extensions change your everyday makeup routine and what’s your go-to lash look?

  • CH: Lash extensions make getting ready in the morning SO quick! I basically run a lash wand over my lashes and hit the road!

My signature lash look when I go for a refill is hybrid, with C curl. Related: Check out Cindy’s Visit to The Lash Lounge Katy – Elyson

Life: Beauty, Inspiration, Hobbies

TLL: How would you define beauty?

  • CH: Beauty is the light inside of us. Letting that light shine creates an undeniable beauty inside and out.

TLL: Has your idea of beauty changed throughout the seasons of your life? (For instance, does beauty mean something different to you NOW compared to your idea of it in your 20’s or 30’s?)

quote from Lash Lounge guest Cindy Hannam
  • CH: Maybe in my 20’s I thought it was physical looks that caused someone to be “beautiful”. Now, I firmly believe that it doesn’t matter how physically beautiful you are on the outside, if your character doesn’t match, the beauty quickly fades.

TLL: What do you love most about sharing tips and inspo with other women?

  • CH: The thing I love most is that it has created a community of midlife women who cheer each other on!

TLL: Do you have an outlet or hobby you enjoy?

  • CH: My favorite hobby is exercising! I love Pilates, barre, strength & conditioning as well as yoga.

Takeaways For Women of All Ages

There’s so much to take away from what Cindy shared, like:

  • how she doesn’t negotiate on her daily routines that make her feel like her best self
  • how she leans into her age and stage of life
  • the way she shared what’s she’s learned and how she takes that to inspire other women
  • how she’s not shy about doing something for herself, from exercising to getting eyelash extensions

Whatever your takeaway is, embrace your beauty no matter what stage of life you’re in! Find something to do for yourself regularly (we hope it’s visiting The Lash Lounge! 😉) and be sure to inspire others along the way because THAT is the ultimate beauty!

For more midlife tips and inspo, be sure to follow Cindy on Instagram, link below.

*Photos provided by Cindy Hannam