Tips + Lash and Brow Services for Sensitive Skin

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Have sensitive skin but still interested in the benefits of lash and brow services? 🤔 When you have skin sensitivities, the first instinct can be to strip back your beauty routines and minimize the products you use. But this can come to the detriment of your lash and brow look. (Who wants that?!?) Good news: With help from The Lash Lounge, you DO NOT have to give up the brows and lashes you love…or hope to love someday soon! 😉

We offer services and products that even our sensitive skin guests can enjoy to the fullest. Read on to learn more about services for sensitive skin and how to prioritize your skin’s health while rocking your favorite lash and brow looks!

Misconceptions About Lash and Brows Services with Sensitive Skin

Over the years, brow waxing and chemical hair removal treatments and creams have garnered a reputation for being harmful to sensitive skin. (And some still can be, so quality products and services are always a must!) Luckily, times have changed—and the hair removal ways of the past have gotten a major upgrade!

Anyone and everyone with sensitive skin who wants gorgeous lashes and brows should have them. That’s our belief!  That’s why we’ve designed our custom services and formulated our products to be gentle enough for even the most delicate of skin. The clean products we use and the services we apply have all been created to handle your skin with care. For example, our precise brow threading service is hair removal minus harsh chemicals or wax. The same goes for the application of our lash extensions thanks to the adhesives options and methods of applying we ensure are safe.

At The Lash Lounge, you can get the look you want while keeping your skin’s safety in check! Hint—with the right care, services and products it’s a breeze.

3 Skincare Tips for Those with Sensitive Skin and Eyes

No need to fret! Sensitive skin doesn’t need to hinder your beauty routine. We’ve got simple tips so you can keep your skin safe and beauty routine on point. 💜

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1. Patch-Test Your Skincare Products

If you have sensitivities, before trying a new beauty or skincare product, take a small amount of the product, and apply it to your forearm. This quick step will help you determine if any potential allergies or irritations are lurking around the corner before you fully apply. We also do this at our salons for lash applications and other services. A guest must share their potential sensitivities with their stylist during their consultation or before beginning a service, then we can do a patch test. Once the results appear, you’ll feel at ease knowing if it’s okay for your skin to proceed with the service.

2. Use Gentle and Hypoallergenic Products

Look for brow pencils, mascaras and other related products labeled as hypoallergenic or “gentle.” The best products and makeup for sensitive skin and eyes include water-based formulas that don’t have unnecessary fragrances and dyes. These goodies are specially designed to keep the face calm and happy, without compromising style.

3. Clean Your Lashes and Brows

To keep your lashes and brows looking fabulous AND to keep the skin around those areas safe and clean, show them some TLC with proper aftercare. Cleanse them daily with a gentle lash and brow cleanser or a mild, oil-free cleanser. 🧼 Avoid oil-based makeup removers and cleansers, as they can cause irritation and interfere with the longevity of your lash extensions.

Keeping your lashes and brows clean with safe products will also help prevent any irritation from debris or old makeup buildup that may lead to bad bacteria growth and clogged pores.

TIP: Check out our lash and brow product lineup for skincare, lash care and more that you can trust. They’re expert-approved and made with safe and nourishing ingredients, AKA, the perfect products for sensitive skin! From cleansers to cosmetics, we have you covered.

How Our Lash and Brow Services Cater to Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin and lash extensions or brow services (like a brow tint) are calling your name, our lash technicians can ensure that services are applied with your comfort and safety as a top priority.

Services for delicate skin and a gorgeous look:

  • Lash and brow tints—A tint emboldens your lashes and brows with a dye that complements your natural features. Our dyes and application processes are designed with every type of guest in mind. If you get your hair colored, it’s quite similar! The best part: our dye process is 100% safe and our premier stylists receive extensive training to effectively and safely apply.
  • Lash lifts—A beautiful lasting curl is just what you receive when you get a lash lift. For the process, we use a gentle adhesive that adheres your lashes to a silicone rod (kinda like a little curling iron but for your lashes) which sets your lashes in place to provide a maintenance-free curl!
  • Lash extensions—Like we’ve mentioned lash extensions for sensitive skin IS possible! The beauty of this service at The Lash Lounge is that we can be a one-stop shop for anyone with reactive skin. Don’t risk the health of your lashes or skin by going to a salon or individual who does not have extensive training or a reputation for safety. Also, don’t stick with low-quality lash extension alternatives like strips with cheap glue or old mascara. Both are not only poor for your lashes but same goes for your skin, too. Note on old mascara: this can potentially contain bacteria on the brush itself. Same goes for lash curlers. At our salons, our lash extensions are made from premium material and our lash techs are trained to assess your natural lashes and help you select lengths and thicknesses that will be safe and comfortable. When we know we have a guest with sensitive skin, we avoid irritation by meticulously applying extensions with an eyelash adhesive for sensitive skin. Rest assured!
  • Brow threading—Threading is a safe and natural form of hair removal. No artificial chemicals are used which makes this a great brow service for those with sensitivities. Just remember to wait a few hours before applying any makeup to the area after your service to avoid clogging up your recently threaded pores.

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Sensitive Skin Care Made Easy with Safe Lash Lounge Services

Reactive skin is no match for your desire to rock those lashes and brows! If you have any specific allergies or sensitivities, please reach out and let us know! Once you do, we can ensure that the services you choose are best for your skin! 💜 Seek the guidance of professionals who understand your skin’s needs and embrace the lightness and look of lash extensions. Be kind to your skin and pamper those lashes and brows with gentle care.