Eyelash Extension Aftercare for Skincare Lovers

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  • September 29th, 2023
Mid-shot of woman safely washing her face with lash extensions

This one’s for our skincare aficionados! Are you under the (common) misconception that lash extensions may prevent you from enjoying your beloved skincare products?

Best news: That simply isn’t true! 🙌

Read below to learn how to enjoy your favorite skincare products AND protect your beautiful lash extensions

First, Why Proper Skincare Matters for Your Lashes

Did you know that skincare IS a part of lash aftercare? Yep, it is because your skincare products get so close to your lash line—and some products even go on your lashes to remove makeup. This means that it’s so important to use skincare formulas and methods that protect your lashes when you have extensions.

Some products that aren’t lash extension-safe can prematurely break down your lash adhesive (AKA lash glue), causing your natural lashes and lash extensions to shed sooner than you’d like! 😱 Our motto: You shouldn’t have to pick between skincare and keeping your extensions long and lush until your next lash-fill appointment. Both are possible!

close-up of half of woman's face with moisturizer

How to Pair Skincare with Lash Extensions

When you have lash extensions, the best skincare products to use are those that are oil-free and water-based.

✨ Skincare + Extensions Safety Tip ✨: When using any products that may include oil or are water-based, avoid getting them too close to your eyes and lash line. This way you can keep up your skincare regimen with the products you like without hurting your extensions.

Want more tips? Here are 5 favorite skincare-with-lash-extensions tips:

1. Skip the oil

The truth is lash extensions and oil just don’t get along. So, when you’re doing your skincare routine, steer clear of oil-based products in general if you can. Trust us, your lash line will thank you! Another thing to know: Oil-free products are also great for your skin and will let your pores breathe easy. Win-win!

2. Practice gentle cleansing

When cleansing your face and near your eyes, be gentle around and near your lashes. When choosing the best face wash to use with lash extensions, opt for an oil-free cleanser to avoid any residue build-up that could weaken your lash adhesive. Your extensions will stay put while your skin feels fresh and clean! A gentle touch on your skin will also protect your skin cells and help you avoid premature unwanted wrinkling. Don’t worry, we have recommended cleansing products for you below! 😉

3. Wear lash-friendly moisturizers

Hydration is the key to glowing skin, but not all moisturizers play nice with lash extensions. Look for oil-free (can you tell we love oil-free products yet?!) and water-based moisturizers to keep your skin happy while preserving your lash look. We also suggest an oil-free eye cream that’s thicker and less likely to seep into your lash line. Another win-win for your face and lashes! 🌟

4. Choose the best sunscreens for lash lovers

Sunscreen is a must-have in any skincare routine, but let’s be careful around the eyes. When applying sunscreen to your face, shield those extensions. Pick a mineral-based sunscreen to protect your pores AND your lashes. ☀️

5. Follow these beauty sleep rules

Proper sleep is essential for healthy skin and eyelash extensions. Here’s how to protect your lashes while sleeping: Step 1—Sleep on your back to avoid any unnecessary lash squishing and to allow your skin to breathe vs. being smooshed on a pillow. Step 2—Get a 3D contoured sleep mask to keep your lashes from harm while in a deep sleep. This is especially good if you toss and turn while snoozing. When you do these two things, you’ll wake up refreshed with flawless skin AND lashes that are ready to slay the day!

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Get to Know Some of our Lash-Safe Skincare Products


Lash Lounge cleansing products laying on towel

When creating a safe lash product for you, we consulted the experts. Our lash-safe skincare products are not only nourishing, oil-free and soothing, they are SAFE. Seen our lineup? It includes everything from mascara to lash extension-friendly makeup wipes.

Here are three of the lash-safe products for cleansing, makeup removal and lash protection that an extension + skincare lover like you will enjoy. Check out how you can use them for the perfect extension-friendly routine:

  1. Gel Eye Makeup Remover—Start by using a lash-safe makeup remover. This face wash is safe for lash extensions and easily removes makeup from your entire face. With natural ingredients, this product is lash-extension-friendly. For easy makeup removal use our gentle lint-free wipes.
  2. Lash Detox Foaming Cleanser—Next, use this cleanser for a formula your skin AND lashes will love. Our oil-free foaming lash and facial cleanser is the perfect product to safely remove makeup and oils from your extensions. We recommend using this after your chosen facial cleanser to make sure any remaining product is safely removed from your lashes.
  3. Lash Armor: Protective Lash Coating—Finally, apply this protective lash coating to your extensions and worry less about your skincare routine damaging your lashes. This lash sealant protects your extensions from oils, sweat, makeup and so much more! Lash Armor will provide an added layer of protection during your skincare routine and beyond. Watch our video for how to apply a lash sealant!

Guess what?? All three of these products and more can be found in our lash aftercare kit! It’s the ultimate aftercare tool for flawless lash upkeep—that will also benefit your beautiful skin. Watch our lash aftercare video to see full aftercare steps AND how to properly use each product mentioned above!

Eyelash Extensions and Skincare Made Easy

Maintaining a glowing skincare routine while protecting your extensions is simple! Embrace gentle cleansing and opt for oil-free, lash-friendly products. With these tips, it’s more than possible to flaunt your radiant skin AND lashes with confidence! 😍