Quick and Easy Work-From-Home Makeup Ideas

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Work- are easier to achieve than you think. So, the next time you have a day full of virtual meetings, these simple tips will help you ace a look with very little effort or time.

Makeup For Working from Home

When you work from home, a full face of makeup and time to get the look doesn’t sound too enticing. However, you still want to look and feel good with the best makeup for zoom meetings, right?

See a few of our fav tips on makeup and lighting to get a look that’s perfect for video calls and whatever your work-from-home day may bring: school drop off/pickup, errands, you name it!

Tip 1: Keep It Real…But Conceal

If you’re forgoing that fully polished, full-face makeup look since you want a low-key look for home, we’re feeling the same vibe. But if you have blemishes or dark circles you want to tackle, grab the concealer! Touching only those troublesome areas up will still do wonders for your overall appearance without looking overdone.

Tip 2: Highlight Those Features

When your face is on display for virtual work calls, a glow and highlight of your features is

always a good idea. To achieve this look, highlight areas of your face like:

  • the bridge of your nose
  • center of your chin
  • jawline
  • cupid’s bow
  • cheekbones
  • center of your eyelids

After you’ve applied your highlighter to the desired areas, then it’s time for blush. Bring color to your cheekbones with a shade that complements your skin tone. This can truly transform your look for video calls!

before after image close-up of lashes and brows on black woman's eye

Tip 3: Embolden Your Brows

Believe us when we tell you that when your brows look barely there, it can leave your appearance looking drab and washed out. Make them look alive without any fuss by getting a brow tint! This natural-looking brow service can be customized to match your hair color, complement your skin tone and will be just the thing you need to up your virtual meeting game!

(Wondering “where’s brow tinting near me?” 🤔 Find a salon near you here!)

Need more than a pop of color on your brows? Get them threaded, too! Eyebrow threading will give your brows a manicured look that will have you looking effortlessly polished!

Pictured: Lash Lounge guest before and after a brow tint and lash extensions

Tip 4: Define and Line

In previous posts we’ve talked about simple lip color and gloss, but one thing we suggest you consider is lining your lips. No, we’re not talking a harsh 90’s lip line 🙅‍♀️ but more of a nude lip line that will add just enough definition to your pout. Once you’ve defined those lips, top it off with a nourishing lip balm or a gloss for some on-camera glow.

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How to Look Good On Camera

Now that you see how simple makeup for working from home can be, let’s talk lighting! Sitting in a dark space will leave you looking lackluster (no, thank you!). See some ways to enhance your look for zoom meetings:

  • Well Lit Room: If your home office or workspace has no windows or is simply a dark space, reconsider where you’re working. If you have the option to move during video calls to provide yourself with more flattering lighting, we say go for it!
  • Sit Near Natural Light: Sitting in a space for virtual calls that is full of natural light is the ultimate way to look good on camera.☀️ It also gives you more of a glow than harsh overhead lighting or lamps.
  • Ring Light: When you don’t have a work spot that’s well-lit or has natural light, we strongly suggest you purchase a ring light. Common for those who work from home, ring lights in a variety of price ranges. Another thing that’s great about a ring light: The setting options allow you to select the best lighting for your space and skin tone. Once you find a look that suites you, you’ll be all set and ready to

Work Less With Help From The Lash Lounge

What we mean here is: Work less at your makeup for virtual meetings! Follow these tips, then let us step in and help. Whether it’s a brow boost like we mentioned OR you decide to go for the ultimate easy “makeup” look and get custom lash extensions (goodbye mascara 👋), The Lash Lounge is here for you!