Sensitive Eyes And Lash Services: What To Know

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Do you deal with sensitive eyes or allergic reactions to eye makeup? Don’t fret! You too CAN achieve your lash goals! You simply need to know which lash services to consider. You should also know about allergic reactions and what a reputable salon should do to check for reactions before making an appointment.

woman lying down getting lash extensions by a stylist

Eyelashes for Sensitive Eyes

If you have eye sensitivities and think lash extensions will not work for you, think again! While everyone is different and some may not be lash extension candidates, they’revprobably more of an option than you think!

Another bonus about lash extensions is that you can SKIP wearing eye makeup. This is a BIG bonus because it could be your eye makeup that’s causing sensitivities or irritations. There are a number of ingredients in cosmetics  that can not only irritate your eyes but can cause allergic reactions. Why go through that if you can get lash extensions after all?!?

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What To Know When Exploring Lash Extensions

When selecting a lash technician or establishment that does extensions, do your research and try to find out what you can about the extent of their training. Unfortunately, allergic reactions can occur simply due to improper training or practices. You don’t want to be left wondering “Why do my eyelashes hurt?” or “Why do I have sore eyelashes?” No thank you! 🙅🏽‍♀️ The risk you can take going to someone who hasn’t been properly trained (like our Lash Lounge stylists have been with their extensive training!) is NOT worth it!

How The Lash Lounge Handles Eye Sensitivities

When you come to The Lash Lounge for the first time, we don’t jump right into extensions. First, you will fill out some info so your stylist knows a few things before the consultation begins. You will answer questions like:

  • If you’ve ever had lash extensions before and if yes, did you experience any problems with them?
  • Do you rub your eyes?
  • Are you taking any medications?
  • Are you allergic to anything including adhesive tape or glue types?
  • And a few more q’s! 😉

Your stylist will review this info and further discuss things during your consultation.

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Protecting Eyelashes for Sensitive Eyes with a Patch Test

Another great thing we do here at The Lash Lounge are patch tests! This is ideal prior to any lash service, particularly if you’re prone to sensitivities. If you are, we suggest booking a patch test prior to your first appointment and consultation.

Here’s how a patch test is performed:

  • Your stylist will closely apply 5 short extensions in one area on your lash line
  • Next, your stylist will record which adhesives were tested on which eye and allow you to go a minimum of 24 hours up to 48 hours with the tested adhesive.
  • If a reaction does occur, it will be isolated to the designated area, which will allow the stylist to determine which, if any, adhesive is safe to use. For guests who are highly allergic to adhesives and cannot receive lash extensions, a lash lift is an option and one to discuss further with your stylist.
close-up of woman with a lash lift from The Lash Lounge

Lash Lift and Tint

Whether lash extensions are not for you or you simply want to explore other lash service options first, consider a lash tint! Unlike lash extensions, there’s no glue/adhesive involved with this service. Instead, a lash tint at The Lash Lounge involves using plant-based dyes that are 100% safe.

Then for a lift, a silicone rod is used along with a gentle adhesive to set the curl in place. Yet again, if your eye sensitivities are a big concern for you, we always suggest that you give a salon near you a call and discuss this with them prior to booking an appointment for any lash service, lift and tint included!

And if you get the green light and want to proceed, consider the dynamic duo of a lash lift AND tint! Your lash line will have a rich color and beautiful curl that will last up to FOUR weeks! 🙌

Pictured: Lash Lounge guest after a lash lift service


Lean Into Your Lash Goals!

Now that you know lash services including extensions may be an option for you, what are you waiting for?

Contact a Lash Lounge near you and schedule a consultation to further discuss your lash goals along with any sensitivities or concerns you may have. Our trained stylists will work with you to get a custom lash look while also keeping your eyes safe plus looking and feeling their best!